Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where ya gonna hang?

Now that the food is coming together. Let’s talk about where you’d spend your time in my home.

I have the Kids Domain up stairs. Video game land (No rated T’s and up the boy won’t play them and if they do have words he doesn’t care for you must turn it down)

Office with computer (You must fix Milly’s blog)

Empty room that should be formal dining room, we aren’t formal folks so it will some day be the Cowboy Room. Leather chairs and so on. (It was a long trip and laying on the floor is a nice way to nap or talk)

Family room that is open to the breakfast room and kitchen. The family room has a sofa and the big chair, it’s where the television is. (Sitting on the couch talking theology is the only way to go. Catch the game? So you know Milly hates the television being on when she’s trying to hang out with friends.)

Breakfast room this is where we eat. It has a table and chairs to make it more convenient for eating. ( Love sitting at the table munching on chips and salsa, Oklahoma and Texas style and talking to friends. You’ll need a drink Gringo.)

Kitchen (Got to be in the middle of the food I learn, they learn, we sing, dance, laugh, and eat. It’s like The Big Chill, we are party central)

Sitting at the bar. (Enjoying the floor show in the kitchen)

Patio with the grill. (That’s the ticket give me an oversized spatula and an apron that says Kiss The Cook )


codepoke said...

Take me to the volleyball court. Failing that, I'll play anything else - cards, board games, etc.

Small talk always tires me out, so I will seek out a challenge of some sort.

Milly said...

I’m going to start working on the family Monopoly game. I want to sand the coffee table and make it a game board of places we’ve been. (Like Cape May and Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey) We’ll customize the pieces ourselves, bring your own playing piece if you want. Do you play Rummikub? We love the game and singing is a must in our house when playing. Nope not a part of the game, just fun.

I love cards. The only thing I truly get competitive with.

Milly said...

The volleyball court. A. . . not sure where to find one around here, I haven't been to the park over here yet. The back yard slops a bit and we have windows.

Larry said...

Gonna hang out in the basement, where else?

Looking forward to a nice regulation size pool table, tasty stew made with the roadkill, and lots of fellowship.

Milly said...


No basement. When the big old twister comes we hunker down in the bathroom under the stairs. After we get the video camera and take pictures of it. That’s what you must do.(Yes we’ve done it. Hey, my Yankee man had never seen one before.) Pool that rhymes with fool and that leads to sin. Danny Kaye knows the words. ;-} No pool table here, Sorry dude. :-[ There might be one at the pub down the way.

codepoke said...

We're just being shut down right and left, aren't we Larry!?

Milly said...

How about football in the back yard?

Danny Kaye said...

Hmmm...no where to play volleyball? (BTW: Codepoke...you have just elevated yourself in my eyes. V-Ball is my favorite sport. Been in a few tournaments, I have. Even won one.)

Ok...I'll take the office. I really want the "Mil-gurl" to be satisfied with her own site.

After that, I want some serious food!!! It looks like there aren't a lot of lobster and steamer fans out there in the south. I will sacrifice and eat all the seafood myself and let you all have everything else. (Hey...I'm only thinking of you.)

When that is all gone, I'm heading for the kitchen to raid Milly's recipe box. I am confident that my southern sister has a whole buncha suWEET southern fried recipes! I might even try a few out while I'm there.

By that time, I'll probably be needing to use that Harry Potter bathroom ya' got under the stairs.

When it starts winding down, I'll grab Codepoke and he and I will throw a frisbee around and impress everyone with our freestyle tricks.

(Codepoke, I am making a huge assumption here. But if I am not mistaken, you are adept with a frisbee?)

When dusk hits, we'll break out a few laptops for the geeky nerds and play some network Starcraft in the empty room, while those who need more social interaction can play charades or something.

Now, don't that sound like a fine time?

Milly said...

We love sea food in this house. I like lobster and crab. The man here eats different he's a Yankee. Not much in the recipe box. A good cook knows it by heart. My Yankee mother-in-law has given me a few. She’s German and Italian.

You will need to spend some time in the kitchen I’ve never cooked anything but fish here. Most of it in corn meal and fried.

Sounds like you’ll be the life of the party. Are you the one who is always trying to listen to all the conversations at once?

You are a kitchen singer aren’t ya?

Frisbee is fun stay out of the neighbors pools and traffic. Trust me if you hit a car the car wins.

Andreia said...

Okay, first I will need a nap. So where can I get that Milly? Then I will head to the kitchen where I will talk more than I help. (a long-time complaint of my family)

Dont even get me started on the games though because I am ubercompetitive. Im all for a game of Scene It or Charades or in Okie fashion bring on the DOMINOES!

We must have home-made icecream and then I would like an hour to curl up with a book.

codepoke said...

Hmmm, Frisbee. I'm afraid I'd shame myself there. Football I can do, though. And Dominos. Anyone ever played Chinese Checkers? I played it once a month ago and was blown away at how much fun it is now that I am over 12 years old.

codepoke said...

Curl up with a book at a party? Wow. The idea would never occur to me. That is why you leave the party.

Milly said...

I use to play Chinese years ago. I’d be up for it.

Andriea can nap and read in my room although it won’t be quiet. Perhaps Miss Little’s room. Speaking of which I need to go shopping for the rest of her curtain stuff. I’ve got to finish the sewing tomorrow.

Football in more fun when everyone one is just out to have fun. I throw like a gurrrrlll.

Andreia said...

Maybe I am losing it! I dont know but at Thanksgiving that is what I always do. you all are kinda starting to feel like family : )

Thanks for pointing out that I am weirder than I thought!

Milly said...

We are family :-}

Milly said...

Miss Little's room is nice for a nap. You either had a bit of a drive or a short flight. If all went well, you might need a nap if not.