Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Daddy

School is now in full swing. Miss Littles and I were ready. The boys? Not so much. Summer went way too fast for them. For the boy it was because of his mission trip and church camp, for the Daddy his baby girl started first grade. She has really grown this summer and has let go of some of the child in her. She went from Blue’s Clues to High School Musical.

It’s hard for a good Daddy to let a little girl grow up. He seems to want to always see her as his baby girl needing him to protect her from spiders and monsters. First grade is a reminder that soon he’ll be protecting her from boys and more boys. Miss Little is an independent girl she wants to walk into school alone, pick her own clothing, make own choices then snuggle up with us for some love.

I had a wonderful example of what a father should be in my Daddy. He never spanked me, he didn’t have to, I was perfect. Actually my dad can stop me with a look. He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. He has given sound advice when I asked or he decided it was needed. My Daddy worked hard, he didn’t move from job to job he showed us stability. I’ve seen him comfort an upset guinea pig, talk to a little barn owl, listen to a counselor who was ready to yell at the parents, instead he could only sit on the steps and cry. My Daddy spoke softly and gave this man the ability to go back into the room. His laughter and voice rang through the Home the kids there called him Daddy too, I thought it was cool.

My Daddy received a Humanitarian Award from the State of Oklahoma. The night of the ceremony my father was unhappy that he couldn’t watch me preform at the college. He was actually thinking of giving up that wonderful moment to watch me do improve in the coffee house. I was crushed that I couldn’t be with him on such an important night.

Being a Father and being a Daddy are two different things. A father is stoic and formal a Daddy is most likely you guys who read my blog. A Daddy lets his daughter dance to the Stripper for a 4-H play and shoots his riffle when the boys are honking for his daughter who still needs a bit of time to get ready. (Your Daddy didn’t do that?)

The best Daddy is mine. Miss Littles Daddy is a grand second.
I’ll bet you guys are working on being almost as good.

I’m praying for our children as they move into this new school year.

A quick duck for Mommy
By Miss Littles


codepoke said...

Very touching. What a wonderful thing to be appreciated.

DugALug said...


I've got a post coming about this (the end of summer).

Watch for it.

God Bless

Milly said...


I'll watch for it bro.

I know how blessed I was to have had parents like mine. My children are blessed to have my daddy.

PatrickMead said...

Even though she is married and 23, my little girl is still my princess. She is a wonderful person who has me wrapped around her little finger... and I am fine with that. Your column brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you.

Larry said...

"He never spanked me, he didn’t have to, I was perfect."

Just when I thought being a perfect child was my forte you take the wind from my sails with the same claim.

I was fortunate to have a great Daddy as well!

Milly said...

My brother and sister not so perfect.
The baby was the best. ;-}

DugALug said...


My little girl started 1st grade and you hit my thoughts right on the head.


God Bless