Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Milly Millyist thoughts

Observations of the week

If you get really close to my bumper in traffic -I slow down

If you tell me you are going to our competitor after being down right rude-I think "Good"
I smile instead and tell you "Have a grand day"

I am not a bartender yet-people tell me stuff, at times it’s very personal

My husband is great-I said "I guess I need to look like the other Stepford wives in the neighborhood", he said "I don’t want a Stepford wife." I wonder if it’s because I’d need to shop more or if he thinks the jeans with the knee worn out is ;-}

The cafeteria ladies are great- to us moms who have no information or envelopes when we bring money.


Where I work-isn’t in favor or bartering so stop asking. That is the real price.

I don’t mind you venting- just get it all out in no more than two calls I’m trying to work also.
Department heads- love to vent when they talk to me. I get to say things like - I know honey, I don’t know why, I understand, I . . . a. . . . I wish I could, no that word didn’t offend me .- to a department head while thinking I wonder how many people can hear him I can hear him loudly on this phone.

It’s good to have today off-I’m going to the doctor about my knee pain and I get to have dinner with family and friends.

My house-would be cleaner if I’d clean it

My father celebrated another birthday-my mother threw him his first birthday when they were dating in college. Daddy was always so slow to open gifts as if to rejoice in every moment.
Rejoicing in every moment while opening gifts-Makes kids crazy and wiggly

Giggles-are grand

One of your best friends calling you and you playing phone tag then finally being able to catch up. -a grand thing

Finding out your friend marriage is going well when it was close to disaster- grand

Learning more about God-priceless!

I wrote that before going to the doctor.

My knee is killing me!

I made a decision to get into shape before I turn fifty.

I have time!

I made this big decision as I got myself ready to leave the house I had to drop my daughter off at school go to the bank go to the Boy’s school pay for his lunches go back Miss Little’s school to pay lunches. So there it was while in pain I will live longer!

The doctor twisted and poked then sent me to x-ray. I felt sort of ratish in the maze of buildings on the way to x-ray

I sat in yet another waiting room wondering who writes letters to People Magazine. I don’t read it because I don’t care about who Jennifer is dating and if Mel has wrecked his career. They don’t care about me either so were even.

It was way over an hour wait so I caught up on All My Children, I’m now good for the year.

I forgot to take something to read so I was trying to stay awake.

The thing is that God speaks to us just when were about to drift off.

They called a lady back she seemed a bit younger than me, she looked at her husband and held her hand out for him to join her, she then turned and asked if he could join her, the nurse agreed. She joked about him not being someone she had just picked up. They called an older woman back ,her husband smiled as she walked behind him and leaned over she said I’ll be right back, he told her he’d be waiting and called her by a pet name that I wished I could have heard. The younger woman came out crying her husband seemed to only know to follow her. I prayed for them. When the older lady came out she put her hands gently on his shoulders, he knew her touch. He called her by that pet name again, I couldn’t hear it. I watched as they held hands and walked out. I prayed for them.

I was called I had to lay on a table and hold my knee just right. Pain! I wondered about those other women as I clenched my teeth.

Is it a sisterhood that make women want stop the world to help one another?


codepoke said...

What a great read.

Those couples in the hospital were very moving. Thank you.

How was your knee?

DugALug said...


My house-would be cleaner if I’d clean it

rofl... I love that one!

God Bless

Kansas Bob said...

"Is it a sisterhood that make women want stop the world to help one another?"

Maybe it is just a familyhood thing?

Milly said...

I have a winner!
I was wondering if someone might say something.

Kansas Bob said...
"Is it a sisterhood that make women want stop the world to help one another?"

Maybe it is just a familyhood thing?