Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Caution :Nothing Important has gotten to me and you could be next.

Last night while I sat here with ice on my knee I started surfing the Duct Tape sites. Why?
I have no idea. The odd thing is that the actually have contest like make and wear a Duct Tape prom dress. They sale Duct Tape roses and wallets. I have the wallet instructions if you want them.

I also e-mailed the Great Stuff people. It is great stuff and I wanted them to know I love it. WD-40 will remove it from your skin I’m told.

They have WD-40 pens now so that you can get it just where you want with less the mess. Brilliant!

You can use a drill to make refried beans. Danny Kaye should know that.

I tried to play a little pong last night too it was on one of those Duct Tape sites. I didn’t join the club, that’s crazy talk.

I’m going to try to take a nap now.


Maeghan said...

My son favourite site is!

Milly said...

I love it! Danny Kaye should see this one.

Danny Kaye said...

What exactly was it about my site that has gotten to ya', Mil-gurl?

And yes, you can make refried beans with a drill...if you have the right attachment. I own neither so I do it the old fashioned way: with a masher!

Oh yeah...and I've been to quite often!

Milly said...

Heh! Danny I realized as I was typing to the Great Stuff people that I was doing Nothing Important. It's actually the pain and lack of sleep that keeps me up surfing not you. You sir are very Important.