Monday, August 07, 2006

"Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure."

Jewish saying

The party idea wasn’t just a non thinking event it was also to look at us and see who we are. Yes I was into social psychology in college. The menu reflects who we are in food, where we would find ourselves in my home reflects how we mingle with others.

Danny Kaye wanted to share his cooking skills, where he’s from, and learn. He wants to get to know everyone and have a good time doing it. (Watch out for the heavy traffic if you are playing in the street)

Larry’s culinary skills scare me. Possum fried or in a pie? :-p
Larry wanted a slower game you can talk and relax while playing pool. It’s a great chance to get to know each other.

Andreia wanted to bring things to munch on, she makes herself at home, her quick wit and knowledge would keep you laughing while in the kitchen.

Codepoke wanted beef, he’s cowboy, what else would you put on Milly’s grill? (I use real mesquite wood chips not fake smoke :-} for you sir anything) The Cowboy wants games he wants to be able to laugh and get to know us.

Milly a pasta salad, fresh Oklahoma vegetables, and peach pie from Oklahoma peaches. I love to share the goodness of what God gave us. Salads are like who we are different ingredients and yet when mixed together wonderful.

Where would Milly be?


I want to know you all. I want to laugh with you. I want to play games and sing off key. I want Danny to teach me how to cook lobster and steamers. I want to swap stories, yell like family, and enjoy fellowship.

One thing that I noticed no one chose to sit in the family room to just talk and Codepoke pointed out why. Small Talk. We all get worn out by it. I’ve been in a "trapped" situation on more than one occasion , most of us have. You sit down next to someone and the next thing you know you are listing to things that you can’t just excuse yourself from to go play in the kitchen. You find yourself desperately looking for a hole to escape. I don’t mean to sound uncaring nor am I saying that Codepoke means this. I’m saying it’s a difficult situation that perhaps we unconsciously, except for perchance Codepoke, were avoiding.
This also made me want for a gathering.

Some of the others were gone or didn’t participate we still want them at the gathering of friends, family, and fellowship.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.-- Anonymous


DugALug said...


Hey! Sit down a spell, let's talk... rofl

Hey, I can cook pretty much anything and I any game that laughter is a possibility. Can I come too?

Some nice thoughts.

God Bless

Milly said...

Yes you can come dugalug!
Where have ya been!
Everyone is welcome!

codepoke said...

Very cool, Milly. :-) ! Well done!

You make Okie-land look pretty awfully good. :-)

Danny kaye said...

I agree with Codepoke about OK looking like a pretty good place to live...except all that salad they got kickin' around there.

Glad I was part of your experiment!

Milly said...

This is Oklahoma! We have pick up trucks and beef is what's for dinner. We have a place that can get great seafood cooked and uncooked, so you won’t starve. I just think you need balance and I find that salad is a nice Millyism. We also had to learn to live off the land. In the South black-eyed-peas are what you eat on New Year’s day because that is what was left after the war. As God is our witness we shall never go hungry again.

My dad would cook fish for you. :-}

Ya’ll are welcome anytime. Or Ya’ll come as my people say.

Danny Kaye said...

Ok...Ok...I'll eat some salad! But I have two requests:
1.) There can be no celery or carrots. (They make my throat close up due to alergies.)
2.) There must be a creamy parmasano dressing w/ cracked peppercorn.

Black eyed peas, huh? Being a Northerner, we do Chinese food on New Years Day. I don't know how the tradition got started. Probably someone had a lazy moment on NYD and called 1-800-CHIFOOD for a delivery. And as long as the Chinese keep on cookin', we, too, will never go hungry again.


PS( I'm just razzin' ya' about the know that, right?)