Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year!

That is all I have time to write because I have stuff. Not fun stuff just stuff that I don't want to do so I put it off as long as I could.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fun talks

I hope that you all had a good Christmas.

I woke with a head banger. I tossed before leaving, on the way, then when I arrived. It was still a good Christmas.

Here’s a funny conversation I had with my daughter the other day.

Miss Littles: What does my name mean?
Me: One who stinks.
Miss Littles: Mom that’s not it. I know what D’s is but I can’t remember mine.
Me: Person of stinkiness.
Miss Littles: That's not it.
Me: Stinky shoe.
Miss Littles:MOM!
Me: Princess Stinky.
Miss Littles: It is not! It’s something like sweet or honey.
Me: One who draws flies.
Miss Littles: Sure I like flies, hey I even named one Jerry, but that isn’t it.

It’s Greek and actually means very dear one, beloved, or Grace.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Codepoke expected more words from me on Christmas Eve.

Here are my excuses and I’m sticking to them.
It was 4:30 am and I was getting ready for work.
I’ve had a melt down last week.
The ice storm took a week of shopping away.
Because I didn’t have my Christmas shopping finished (yet) I’m picturing myself shopping in QT at 2am.
I have yet to wrap anything.
One of the men at church went off on me over my husband leaving the church.
I have no clue. Really Not One!
I had to put worship slides together this week and some of them were a real pain.

Here’s the up side
Miss Littles did a great job as an angle in church and her solo rocked. Yes I had tears in my eyes.
I received tons of Merry Christmases, several hugs, way too much candy, and pizza.

It’s a wonderful time of the year to remember the gift that came to save us.

Have a Very Merry Christmas.
I need a nap. ;-}

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No swimming on this beach

As I was driving home from the cemetery, I needed to check on the arrangement because that’s what I do I always make sure things are taken care of, anywho as I was headed home I started thinking about how I haven’t been diving into the Bible lately. To be honest I haven’t wanted to sit in front of a book at all. I started thinking about how wrong I was for that. It’s God’s word I should be snorkeling in it. As I turned left into my neighborhood I realized that I was still living in the Word. I began to think about giving myself a break. I realized that it is fine and dandy to sit on the beach with my sun glasses on, a cold beverage in my hand, and not be reading the Word.

As I looked around my home I could see how blessed I am, even in the darkness I could see the blessings, possibly more because you can’t see the dust and dog hairs. Your feet find the dropped toy and the chair legs. *-* I thanked God for not letting me freeze to death, that I hadn’t broken a toe, and for the hot showers every night. We were all thankful for not having to smell each other. I enjoyed the peanut butter sandwiches. My children not so much with the power outages, they broke long before we did and moved out. I’m sure it had very little to do with the “When I lived in the country and the power went out. . . .” stories.

Back to the thought. I know I tend to wander around, I talk like that in person also. Call me ;-}

I was thinking about how I (we) need to cut ourselves some slack. Just because we aren’t pulling every Word apart doesn’t mean that those who do are better than those of us who sit on the beach once in a while. Thing around my house have been a bit crazy with the power outages, Christmas, work, and life. I deserve the time to just live in the Word. I need time to stroll down the beach.

I try hard to live the Word every day. I try to be the hands and feet of God.

If I fall short would you divers write something good for me to read?

Monday, December 17, 2007

It'sbeen 10 years

I miss you Mom.

We talk of you often and Miss Littles loves the idea of you. DK feels blessed to be the grandchild who knew you.

Thank You for being my best friend and mom.

Friday, December 14, 2007


It’s warm and cozy in the house tonight. We’ve replaced some of the food that had to be tossed. All is good in our home.

We’ve offered refuge to a friend her home is still without power. She’s missed cooking so my dinner and breakfast are planned. :-}

It was quite a storm and has left some of the areas looking as if a bomb was dropped. It’s a sad sight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It’s a disaster

That’s right Oklahoma is a disaster area. Some of Tulsa looks as if a bomb was dropped on it. It’s really sad because so many heirloom trees have been lost due to the ice.

I’m blessed because my family is safe and sound. We have lost only one small tree. It’s the one we call the bird bush. The poor thing is leaning and uprooted.
We are without power and our house is very cold but we didn’t have trees falling on the roof as others have.

I’ve heard numerous stories at work including a fatality. It’s really made me aware of how blessed we are to be safe and sound tonight.

Keep the firefighters and the folks working on our power lines in your prayers. We are thankful for those folks who have traveled from all over the US to help out.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ice Ice Sunday

When my alarm lightly woke me with a wonderful song from my dainty slumber I wondered if the freezing rain would keep us from church. Ok the truth is what you expect when you read this blog so the truth is what you’ll get. When I heard the beginning of Michael W. Smith singing I pushed the snooze button and rolled over hoping that the ice storm would allow me to go back to my drool and snore fest. I think I was dreaming about having a maid, a chef, a nanny, and a life coach who is willing to do all the work for me. You know the dream that all of us married with children ladies dream. I had been interrupted once and was about to the part of the dream where my husband realizes how wonderful I am when again Michael began to sing to me. (Note to self change that CD because he seems to be nice and you are not thinking nice things about him at 6 AM) I quickly jumped out of my bed to see if the roads were too treacherous for travel hoping beyond that we could make it for services. That’s right I’m telling the truth. Slowing left my warm bed and stumbled into the family room to check for church closings. Not on the TV. I then hit the web site. Nope. I then check emails. The worship minister sent changes late so we’ll be dealing with those this morning if we have services. I happily start getting ready for church. Not. I call my boss to see if we are indeed having services. He’s setting up and people are there. Yea! I skipped. Who am I kidding I dragged myself out to the family room to find my children waiting. Oops Miss Littles is dressed in a spring dress and its freezing, I remind her so she dashes up the steps to change. By stomping and yelling “when am I ever going to get to wear a dress to church again?” I think to myself “How precious” or was it “Just get changed people are waiting for me. I could leave you here with your dad.” That’s it the last one. I marvel at the fact that she’s now wearing wine pants and a purple shirt complimented by a red jacket with Dalmatian fur cuffs and collar, she tells me it is real puppy fur. (No covering that one up I was a bit horrified until she agreed it was a bit cruel.) The real deal is that we needed to go and I had already sent her up to change once.

I can't keep it up any more here's the way it really was:

I arrived at church late so I dropped my stuff in the booth and rushed to the room where we copy stuff to copy a CD for the holiday season. I know I should have rushed up to see if I was needed in the booth. I then rushed back to the booth and began to help with the rehearsal. Other churches were closed today so a man in a truck dropped off several boxes of donuts. That was good because the boss and I had a discussion about me being the woman and my roll. I should bring food because that’s what good women do. I rushed down to get him a donut so that I was now redeemed. When I got back he was already eating one but happily took my round offering after all it is a holey food and can be eaten on the Sabbath with or without coffee.
It turned out to be a lively morning and if you listen to my minister you might get a hint of things that took place.

During a reading someone did a rebuttal from the audience, our worship minister asked if we had other gods up there, tattoos were shown, we had a song mix up that I thought I had fixed, and my boss forgot to advance a slide during one of the songs making both of us laugh out loud.

It was a fun and silly morning.

Most of all it was a wonderful reminder of why I love that bunch of folks. God took a morning when all that I wanted to do was sleep to remind me why I get out of bed to be with these folks.

God showed me something so beautiful on my way to work. Just as the Michael W. Smith sang Son Of God I hit the part of town hit hardest by the ice. The trees were bowing from the weight. I wished for a camera as I passed them. It was wonderful timing as if God had them show me how it was to be done.

Sunday at work was an interesting one. I have to say that I will fall for jokes. I can easily be set up and played. I was played well by our LP and another coworker. It was classic. I was full in hook, line, and sinker. It had me laughing. I spent most of the night pushing credit. Yes I have to do it and yes I do it well. The truth is that I ended up helping folks and loving it. The storm was really hitting folks hard so helping them find what they needed was a good thing. It was reminded how blessed I am when two homeless men were in the store tonight because it promises to be a hard night for them. It was an easy drive home and the heated seats felt nice. I came home to a nice house with family in it .

And to think I wanted to sleep in today!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Life in film

On Thanksgiving Day my aunt gave me a DVD of our family’s home videos. Today I sat down to watch this video. I wish that I could have watched it with my family I would have been a hoot hearing everyone making commits. Even alone you know I had a few.

Put down the camera and get the sharp pointy stick away from the little kid!

Hey look my brother just ran over me!

It was a given that he was about to do that!

What is going on with the obsession with filming the back sides of the women?
Yes they need to stop bending over in front of the camera.

Almost all of the adults smoked.
How do you folks feel now?

What was with taking us to fields?
We must have thought it was a vacation.
Can't pull this over on us now. :-}

I can see why I had to do PT to walk.
My feet had to compromise to get me anywhere.

My brother and sister loved to wrestle.

I could see the look on my dad’s face when Uncle B got that paper towel holder as a gift.

I could see the look on my dad’s face when he came into the room and saw the mess my brother and sister made.
I was a good girl daddy.

No car seats.

Ugly lamps.

Who chose that sofa?

Big wigs!

It was great to see those who aren’t sharing the table on this earth with us anymore.

Lots of my mom she loved making faces at the camera.
So beautiful.

It was fun seeing us as kids again.
The Christmas memories, grandparents, cousins, fun, and love on that little DVD .

It’s a blessed life!

I’ll have a copy for you Mark when I come to OKC for sister’s weekend out.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dark Moments

In the dark moments of the night they whisper softly as a friend might do to give comfort.
They twist their words and temp your heart.
I try to shut them out I beg for sleep.
They promise to take the pain away.
Just open the lid and smell my wonderful scent.
Close your eyes and remember the way I felt the warm burn.
I can take the pain away.
Just open the lid and take a sip.
I close my eyes and let the faces of those I love chase the demons away.
When morning breaks I have won another day to feel pain again.