Thursday, December 06, 2007

Life in film

On Thanksgiving Day my aunt gave me a DVD of our family’s home videos. Today I sat down to watch this video. I wish that I could have watched it with my family I would have been a hoot hearing everyone making commits. Even alone you know I had a few.

Put down the camera and get the sharp pointy stick away from the little kid!

Hey look my brother just ran over me!

It was a given that he was about to do that!

What is going on with the obsession with filming the back sides of the women?
Yes they need to stop bending over in front of the camera.

Almost all of the adults smoked.
How do you folks feel now?

What was with taking us to fields?
We must have thought it was a vacation.
Can't pull this over on us now. :-}

I can see why I had to do PT to walk.
My feet had to compromise to get me anywhere.

My brother and sister loved to wrestle.

I could see the look on my dad’s face when Uncle B got that paper towel holder as a gift.

I could see the look on my dad’s face when he came into the room and saw the mess my brother and sister made.
I was a good girl daddy.

No car seats.

Ugly lamps.

Who chose that sofa?

Big wigs!

It was great to see those who aren’t sharing the table on this earth with us anymore.

Lots of my mom she loved making faces at the camera.
So beautiful.

It was fun seeing us as kids again.
The Christmas memories, grandparents, cousins, fun, and love on that little DVD .

It’s a blessed life!

I’ll have a copy for you Mark when I come to OKC for sister’s weekend out.


Mark said...

"I was a good girl daddy." Boy did that change!

Missy said...

What a neat thing for your aunt to do. I love reading your thoughts while watching this - like popcorn for the film. Good stuff.

Kansas Bob said...

Wow.. I cannot think of many things that I would like to have more.. family history on DVD.. priceless!

karen said...

Isn't that wonderful??

harland said...

This is really Wonderful