Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fun talks

I hope that you all had a good Christmas.

I woke with a head banger. I tossed before leaving, on the way, then when I arrived. It was still a good Christmas.

Here’s a funny conversation I had with my daughter the other day.

Miss Littles: What does my name mean?
Me: One who stinks.
Miss Littles: Mom that’s not it. I know what D’s is but I can’t remember mine.
Me: Person of stinkiness.
Miss Littles: That's not it.
Me: Stinky shoe.
Miss Littles:MOM!
Me: Princess Stinky.
Miss Littles: It is not! It’s something like sweet or honey.
Me: One who draws flies.
Miss Littles: Sure I like flies, hey I even named one Jerry, but that isn’t it.

It’s Greek and actually means very dear one, beloved, or Grace.


Mark said...

Thats cool, mine and yours have the same name, in a way.

karen said...


Danny Kaye said...

Mil-Gurl, you are a fun mommy to be sure!

harland said...

Wow, Very nice yaar