Friday, March 30, 2007

Think'n and talk'n

Last night I was talking to a coworker about another coworker who is said to be "homophobic". I should say that the coworker I was talking to is gay. I said that I thought he was a Christian and that some are very open about how they feel about that subject. We had a nice discussion. I’m rather open on my feelings on the subject. It’s not for me to judge.

That discussion got me thinking about the saying "Love the sinner hate the sin" That would upset me to no end if someone walked up to me and said that. Look this isn’t about being an alcoholic or a drug addict, this is about being someone who loves someone of the same sex. To walk up and say that your life of being happy is a big sin is harsh.

I also had a discussion as to why same sex marriage should be legal. Here’s the brief story two women I work with were married one decided to leave. She was able to walk out of the relationship rather easily. The lady I was talking to felt that had they needed to do more then write a note to the minister letting her know that they were splitting up that they may have worked it out.

That also brings something else to light is it at time too easy to divorce? Or should it be easy to save the family from a difficult time. My cousin is now in process of divorce. He promised to make it easy in order to spare everyone hardship she made it hard so now it’s hard and the children are in the mess.

These issues are rather difficult for Christians to think about but they are there at least where I work.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I do feel lucky now!

Sunday and Monday night at work were unnerving the majority of the people just couldn't seen to figure out how do anything without my help. I also discovered that I may be allergic to the thing they make us wear. I look nice all broken out in spots. My dog caught a baby bunny. Don’t ask but I took care of it, I hope there is a bunny heaven.

It was cool to get a big old bear hug and several kisses on the top of my head from a nice guy who took the time to enjoy a moment with me. I was given that four leaf clover the next night by a lady who spent some time talking with me before she shopped. Bright spots in my nights. Tonight I worked in a different place after the flipping of the coin to decide who went where, I think we both won. It was slower due to the rain so we were able to talk and enjoy folks a bit more.

I have Wednesday off so I’m going to work rather hard at gathering my family up for dinner despite my husband working at church after he gets off for his real job.
Nope I don’t believe in luck especially if it comes from a clover. That is unless I’m a starving little bunny. Sorry. :-{

I know that at times God must think me a spoiled child as I dwell in my self pity with my gee whiz how stupid is. . . . .and my can you believe they asked me for that?. . . . I sometimes yell at people in traffic. . . and so on and on and on. Meanwhile folks are just trying to get through the day, get home, get out of the mess that they are in.

People are suffering all around this spoiled girl who is thankful for God's forgiveness, the bear hugs, and clover.

Monday, March 26, 2007

spoken from one who knows

I think the best thing you can give your children is wings,and to teach them to stand by themselves in a stiff wind.

Elizabeth Edwards, after receiving the diagnosis of cancer returning, and being incurable.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Awarded By Bob

Kansas Bob has given me and many others more deserving then Milly this award.

Familyhood Church, The Milly Times and The Sword's Still Out (along with many other blogs) have caused me to rethink community. I listed these as representatives of bloggers that genuinely care for me and pray for me when I hurt. These bloggers are the reasons that I come back to blogworld every day. -Kansas Bob

Missy, Danny & Byevad, Pearlie, Patchouli, & Japhy


You give a learning Christian wife and mom’s prospective that I can really relate to. Keep showing us Missy.

Danny & byevad,
You make us think and laugh. You give us a place to be silly. We need that.

You are such a special lady. I love the fact that you are so open to how you feel by showing us the beauty in the world with words and pictures.

Your honesty of you life touches us you love for your family and those in need shows how God can use you.

My husband came from a Catholic upbringing he felt that they didn’t teach him to explore who God really is. You have shown me that it’s up to us to get to know God no matter the upbringing.

To all of you THANK YOU this is a community of those who seem to care for one another that’s a real blessing in this blog city, something I never even thought I’d have.
God Bless,

So, the responsibility of these award recipients is to award others with "The Thinking Blogger Award". Be sure that when you award them, you link back to the and include the icon displayed above.

Cool award

Spring is here

Winter snow slows us down. It gives a blanket of white reminding me of sitting by the fire the quietness of the world. Time for peace.

Spring brings us hope and a new beginning Jesus seems to whisper in colors that life is anew.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My uncle was what some considered a fanatic . . .

. . . . a religious fanatic. I thought he was one of the most interesting men I had ever met. He worked the mines in Oklahoma as a young man. He once told me, when I was bold enough to ask, that the loss of his arm was a blessing because many lost their lives in those shafts. His face had deep lines, character that seemed to make him even more interesting to me. He seemed interested in everything including me. His eyes lit up when he’d ask me questions as if each answer were to be a wonderful surprise.

He wasn’t a man of diplomas and didn’t get past grade school from what I hear, but he was smart and when ever he had the chance he learned. He spent his time at the colleges reading and listening, I’m sure the he could have easily made it through college. He learned how to make their money work for them and did very well. My Aunt was an educated school teacher. She never seemed to mind that her husband wasn’t holding a degree she saw the man not the paper. He delighted in telling us why my aunt fell in love with him. "Because he made me laugh." They met when he was preaching. How could she not be drawn to him with that kind voice and his interesting look. You could see the love in their eyes for each other when they talked about how the fell in love.

He had the most incredable smile, a smile that let you know that he knew God. I loved to look at him he seemed to draw me into conversation. I wish he were here today to talk to me about how I believe and what he thinks and to see his face when my children talk of God. I know that he would be proud of me for bringing them to our Lord. Something his own son walked away from.
My uncle left this earth after teaching Bible class and enjoying church. He came home sat on the couch while his bride began to make lunch. He called her in and asked her to pray for him because he was going to Heaven and then he did.

A man who came from such a hard life and humble beginnings. . .a man who loved the Lord with everything. . . .a man who showed love for the world. . .is now with God.

I wonder if he’s finished asking questions after all these years?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that was just this good?

Tonight my sister took me and Miss Littles out for dinner at an Asian restaurant near my home. The food was so good that as I was sitting here reading I began to think about how stuffed I am and what I will order next time.

Yikes I’m still full from this meal and I’m thinking about what I want for my next meal. It’s just that good. . . . . and so very close.

Next time Dan Dan Noodles.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Home sweet blog

Have you ever been away from home for a while? The others have stayed behind and continued to move on while you were our doing what you did while you were gone?

I moved away from home under odd circumstances-The men in my life were making me crazy! This one wanted freedom while he traveled the world to perform with Up With People and that one wasn’t sure if he should take his ex-wife back. I packed up and left. This isn’t a story for today so I’ll stop at that.

Today’s is about coming home. It always looks a bit of the same yet different. Life was moving on. It does that silly thing it just keeps going. When I went home to stay after moving for my own place in between moving in with my sister I stayed at what now was just a place I use to live. I hated it, I hadn’t come home a lot, not because it was far but because I had work and a life of my own, and now everything was a bit off. I was in mourning for the loss of friends and the loss of what I had known for those years of being on my own. I have to admit that I make hasty decisions at times like moving out to avoid the boys and in moving in with my sister and some others that are for other stories.

My parents were careful about how they spoke and what they did, they tried not to trigger me into a depression, they’ve seen it and didn’t want to see it again. It took me some time to settle into the new apartment. Actually I didn’t settle until we moved into our second apartment that I began to feel at home. I found friends and relaxed into the notion that I was going to live in Tulsa for a good long time. I had returned home, it had made many changes since grade school but it was home. I now am faced with a new city, ok not now a year ago, to discover. I have yet to embrace it, for one I can see the old city from here. I’m working on it one fast food and city office at a time.

I met a friend for lunch the other afternoon she and I chatted about kids and the old school that we were PTA members of. It was Lucy and Ethel at times with us. I miss our time together. It was great that we could meet and chat but it’s not the same time moves on with or without me.

Yep things have changed in the short time that I was gone from here, thanks for missing me.


I don't know if this thing is going to freak out again. The guys couldn't get it to at the shop.

I'll be doing some typing soon.