Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today was a big old bear of a day at work.


We are very short handed and the other person working with me is a bit slower then she use to be due to medical reasons. We had a huge amount of people to deal with. While all of this is going on and I’m watching four screens at once people want keys made. I need to point this out I am watching and helping four people at once. I am also doing some paper work every time the alarm goes off. When people need keys made they don’t always take them off the key rings nor do they give me all that they want made. I can make two at once. When I call the department to come do it some of the guys are very slow. So here I am with lines and alarms and people with keys and one man brings me bug poison that has been crushed and is now leaking. It’s a haz mat and will need to be contained and called in. No big deal until I hear a CRASH I have another haz mat. I tell the man to leave it as he tries to pick up the broken glass. I explain that it’s a haz mat and he hands it to me. Yep he handed me the hazardous material. So now I’m trying to get someone to make keys, help me cordon off the area, get people to listen to me as I ask them not to walk on the broken glass, keep an eye on everyone, log the alarms, watch to screens, get a hold of our haz mat team, suck in the haz mat, and hold the broken tube.

I turned to my bosses after it settled down and said "I quit" they laughed at me. I said "No I quit, I’m hopping off the wagon and heading for that little bar down the road, I quit." one said "I’ll go with ya."

I decided that walking back to the time clock, cleaning out my locker, ( now full of some of your longer posts. You know who you are) turning in my uniform, and doing all the paperwork seemed too hard for the evening I’ve had.

Gee wiz ten days without a day off is hard. It’s Thursday and that means almost Friday so I can make it to Saturday because it almost here and I have Saturday and Sunday off. I shall spend Saturday helping my husband with Southern Gospel at church. Then on Sunday go to hear the word of God. . . . And that's what I love about Sundays.

How was your day?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I thought about some things at work tonight.

Why can’t people follow simple instructions?


Just listen to the instructions.

Our purses weigh too much.

Your wallets should not be that thick.

How darn many credit cards do you need?

People buy ugly paint.

Women should not send the man in to buy paint alone.

Some folks are down right cool.

I hate the sound of keys being made over and over and over again.

The man was right when he said "You aren’t born with patience you learn it."

It’s cool that I won a contest this last weekend.

My DeWalt safety glasses are cool.

Why am I the only one working in this area?

Where is everyone?

School has ended and given way to summer vacation.

My son has already moved out. He spends every summer with his grandfather, on a mission trip, and at church camp. I do get updates like today we ate donuts, french fries, and put our pants on from my dad. Good to know that Burger King got my son into pants. Don’t freak out he wears boxers around the house.

Miss Littles is taking some fun classes and is actually happy about having us time together this summer. She usually spends her summers sulking over not having school and missing her brother.

Some how I don’t miss some of that quality time they spend together. It seems so loud and doors get slammed.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Love ya honey!

Happy Anniversary!
19 years!

That’s right nineteen years ago today we said "I do" to each other. It’s been a ride, a roller coaster ride.

Without God in our marriage I’d be posting about a divorce.

Last night I found myself giving advice to a young woman who is newly engaged, they had a big blow up and she was still a bit unhappy. I was rather honest about marriage and what it takes to keep it going. One thing I know is that you can never sit back and think that you are free and clear that this one will last forever because you love each other.
Marriage takes work. You have to fall in love with each other over and over again. There are times when we don’t seem to connect when we feel like roommates and others when were are like that couple who just fell in love.

Thanks for falling in love with me over and over again.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Have you heard of it?

I put our worship slides together and one of the songs in them sat itself down in my head. It stuck rather hard so at work I found myself humming and half singing it. The thing is that I just couldn’t get a verse so I asked one of my co-worker to help me out. Much to my amazement she had never ever heard the song. I then began to ask anyone that would listen if they had heard of it. One man sang it for me. Way too cool when they do that. He also knew how to play it on his harmonica. It would have been the greatest had he done that for me. Pastor said he had heard it but didn’t know it well. He’s one of my new favorite guys to come in. I was surprised at those who hadn’t heard of the song. I loved that one man said that he could tell that I was a Christian because of my attitude. I could see that he was also one because of his smile and how cool he was with our craziness tonight.

Do you know this song?
Was I the only one who heard this growing up?

The Gloryland Way
Words and Music by J.S. Torbett

I'm in the way, the bright and shining way,
I'm in the gloryland way;
Telling the world that Jesus saves today,
Yes I'm in the gloryland way.
I'm in the gloryland way,
I'm in the gloryland way;
Heaven is nearer and the way groweth clearer,
For I'm in the gloryland way.
List to the call, the gospel call today,
Get in the gloryland way;
Wand'rers, come home,
O hasten to obey,
And get in the gloryland way.
I'm in the gloryland way,
I'm in the gloryland way;
Heaven is nearer and the way groweth clearer,
For I'm in the gloryland way.
Onward I go rejoicing in His love,
I'm in the gloryland way;
Soon I shall see Him in that home above,
O, I'm in the gloryland way.
I'm in the gloryland way,I'm in the gloryland way;
Heaven is nearer and the way groweth clearer,
For I'm in the glory land way.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nick Names

For some reason I’ve always had nick names and such. My family and my friends settle on a name and there it is. I don’t mind because it means that they are comfortable with me enough to call me what they like.

Tonight I was called "The mom of the front end" by one of my bosses, she’s young enough to me my kid. (Front end is the front of the store.) I replied "I’ll not claiming all of ya’ll" I do think it’s an ok title to have. A couple of the gals call me Miss Milly and several of the new girls know me as something different. I abbreviated my name so that it’s easier for me to write in a hurry on receipts so that’s what they call me.

Two of my uncles gave me nick names that I won’t share here. My brother calls me by an odd form of my name, my sister -in-law was worried that it was real and not sure she wanted her little girl to have that name. I’ll bet you breathed a sigh of relief when you found out he was just using a nick name.

Danny Kaye gave me Mil-Gurl I cherish that one.

My mom called me by three different names depending on her mood. At times she listed off my brother’s name then my sister’s name and lastly mine. Then we knew we were in for it. Gee! What did my brother do this time?

My daughter has several nick names and her name is abbreviated in several different ways. She loves it. I even sing a little song using one she always joins in. My son had me drop his nick name years ago, too old I suppose. We do abbreviate his name once in a while.

Do you have any of nick names?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Baroness Milly the Surreptitious of Mousehole by Sea
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:

Her Most Serene Highness Lady Milly the Verdant of Piddletrenthide on the Carpet
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Sunday, May 20, 2007

This I Believe

I believe that it doesn’t matter how the world was brought to be here. You could spend an eternity pondering who made and what made. Then you could spend countless hours debating it. I don’t actually care because I have faith and faith is what keeps me going.

I believe that I have lived a charmed life and wonder why me.

I believe that all things have a season and you can lay down and allow it to crush you or you can walk on.

I believe that man created different churches out of a need and God knew we would.

I believe that God put that tree in that garden and knew the we would continue to pick the fruit.

I believe that very little of what I believe is the same as what you believe but that doesn’t matter to God.

I believe that God loves that we love His word and smiles when we dig so hard that we fail to see what’s in front of us. I believe He wants to say “Right there silly”

I believe that we all need each other and that’s why God put us here.

What else to you want to know?

This I believe by my big brother

The air hung heavy with the morning dew, as we lay on the slope in a
mountain meadow in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, on Philmont
Scout Ranch.

I am surrounded by 20 friends, each who had gotten out of warm sleeping
bags at 4 am. to climb from the valley to this mountain meadow. We have
spent a week together, and have a week of teaching adults about
leadership ahead of. But at this moment, we have solitude, in a meadow.

As we lay on plastic ground cloths, quietly waiting for sun to rise, I
thought back to the times that I have felt spiritual. And I realized
that they were usually at moments like these. Either in the woods, or
surrounded by my family.

I believe that God does not happen in church, at least for me. I find
God in the quiet moments before the sun rises.

I find God when my daughter laughs.

I find God in the quiet time between being awake and asleep, with my wife.

I find God while snuggling with my family in bed on a Sunday morning.

I find God while sitting in my backyard with a cup of coffee in the
morning, or a beer in the afternoon.

So, while on most Sundays you will find me in a pew at Mayflower
Congregational Church, awaiting Robin's word of
wisdom to challenge my beliefs, if you want to see me in a spiritual
moment, you will have to follow me home.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I believe this

The other night I curled up on the sofa and watched The Lake House as I watched I began to think about what I believe.

I believe that love should feel like an old sweater or sweatshirt.

It should warm me and feel just right. I should be able to easily put it on. I think that it should wrap itself around me like my Eeyore jacket that I wear it around the house most of the time during cold weather.

Love should hold trust

Not just being able to close my eyes and fall into the waiting arms but to be able to face the one you trusted long after the fall.

Love should be a dance.

A soft wonderful dance. Some days your toes will be stepped on, others you’ll trip over your own two feet but always coming back together in each other’s arms.

Love is a wonderful thing.

It’s with us every day every moment from each other, those in our homes, our friends , family, even strangers at times show us brotherly love. I praise God for those He has given me to love and be loved by.

Love is a special gift given by God I believe we should enjoy it every day.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mill-Girl isn't

she's not been posting
she's been
and doing stuff for church
and she was sick last night
and today

I'll be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tagged by KB

  • I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
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  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I want to point out that if Codepoke can break rules then so can Milly.

Food: I’m not that picky. I usually find something I like and that’s all I want for a while. Grapenuts with soy milk is the latest. Today I added a banana but tomorrow’s lunch will be with strawberries. I was hooked on the brick oven pizza for a while but now have moved on. I love a good steak once in a while. Living at the end of restaurant street means that you can feed your obsessions very well. I make myself stay away from temptation. I love the Okie home cooking fried okra, summer squash, and so on.

Family: Several years ago I purchased a piece of land not very far from my parents. We sold it due to some flood issues and don’t regretted it. Too much family in one small town, I now have two aunts with uncles and three cousins with spouses and children living within walking distance of that land. I love having privacy. My sister lives in the city next to my city and my brother lives in The City with his wife and child. Family was an important part of growing up in my household. My cousin Kevin was like a brother to me and we are still very close. My dad’s job blessed us with two extra members that aren’t related to us. Don’t tell the big guy because he thinks differently. Friends became like family to my parents. Every event blessed us with love and laughter. We may not agree on every issue but we love with all of our hearts. As for our past family history very little is know about some my Native American past is hidden, I’ve traced the German side a bit, and the English stands proud. I love that my children are true Americans they have German, Italian, Slovak, Native American, English, and several other things I’m sure. I have two kids and one husband as you know.

Exercise: I use to run five miles a day. That hasn’t happened in a while. I walk when I have the time. Ok take the time. I love to put music on and dance, I have no rhythm so aerobics is out. I love yoga. I worry that my knee is going to blow on me so the pavement pounding is going to happen rather slowly.

Profession: My first job was in a truck stop. I’ve done a few different things in my life I worked for a puppeteer, autistic children, cut meat, landscaping, Golden Corral assistant manager in training, bakery trainer, Fuddrucker’s, had my own cleaning business and my husband and I had a home improvement business. Every where that I work I attempt to learn more then is required. I want to learn how to do it, take it apart, and fix it. I now work at home improvement store. Where I can help you take it apart and fix it. ;-}

Obsession: I don’t know that I’m completely obsessed with anything at this moment. Is that lazy?

Faith: The first church I attended from birth was a CoC then in middle school we moved and that stopped. I then went to a Christian church sporadically in Jr high, high school, and college. While in college I visited a friends church it was very different from my back ground they talked in tongues, the only thing I understood was and I will say that I heard it clearly was this "Not this church it isn’t for you" After college I met a man who was a CoC things pulled us apart and I moved away. When I moved to Miami I longed for a church but didn’t make an effort to seek one out. Then I moved back to Tulsa and found the church that I now attend. I’m married to a man that was raised Catholic and now is a member of the same CoC I attend. I will say that I’m not hooked on all of what the CoC offers in belief but I love that place and those people. If we ever leave we will most likely leave the CoC. As for faith it’s what we have in us for God.

Ailments: Old age! I have low good cholesterol. I’m anemic. Arthritis, not sure what kind. I’m allergic to the sun, lamb, dairy, and mold. I also need new glasses seems the old one are getting weaker.

Games: This could be a family obsession next to politics. I love card games and board games anything that I can play with friends and family. You’ll only see me get competitive during a game of cards like rook. I play chess once in a while and my son wins. Trivial Pursuit is a huge thing with us.

(I'll have to pick who I'm tagging later I need to go to bed)

Question:Is it ok to be angry with God?

I recently read a post of a man who is very angry. I don’t want in any way for this to become about him on this discussion because he and his wife are in pain and I think it’s very understandable. Please pray for them.

Last night I began to think about that anger.

Anger is an emotion that God gave us. Anger is an emotion that God showed us. We must have anger for a reason. I wondered if it’s something productive. I know some of you are thinking that being angry at God in no way is productive. I disagree because when anger sets in some of us pick ourselves up and get moving. We stop sitting in the dark ringing our hands and asking for guidance. When anger sets in we actually take that guidance. When I needed help in dealing with my son’s skin disease, when I finally gave up control when I had exhausted all of my resources from anger to failure I found myself on the floor. God reached down and picked me up he put a phone in my hand and gave me the help that I needed.

Could anger help to protect a heart?

Could it help us to not crumple up and give up?

Is it there in us in those moments so that we can get out of bed?

Now clearly this isn’t the road rage anger or the kids broke the lamp anger. This is a deep in you anger.

I don’t know that I’ve actually been angry with God but I can sure understand it.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I think they know what I know

After I said this on the Thinklings site.

De asked :
Does it have to be a conspiracy?

I said:

Ok did someone spill it that Milly loves a good conspiracy theory? I’m brushing up on them for my trip to Dallas It’s for my Rep friends, they need to be informed. ;-} They need Tex Mex, rock music, and a good conspiracy theory.

I also posted my theory

Today this landed in the paper.


I wonder!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I have a theory

I have a conspiracy theory.

Oklahoma now has weather like Seattle.

Seattle is all about Starbucks .

We now have coffee houses everywhere in Tulsa.

They have even switch to Starbucks where I work.

There are three Starbucks not far from my house.

Starbucks =Global warming, it’s all the perking going on.

The overpriced coffee is killing the world not just hopping you up on caffeine.

If anything happens to me check the bottom of the bean pile or in the bottom of the pot with the grounds.

I don’t like getting up this early.

It’s a big reason for the lack of substance on this blog. When I get off of work I drag home and do home stuff then it’s kid time and bed time. I know it could be worse so this isn’t a complaint.

Politics are heating up and it seems that I’m involved in a discussion every day. That’s cool to me because we care enough to talk about it.

I did find my what I believe start and hope to have it posted here soon.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and an appointment with laundry so I’m hoping to post something of substance. We’ll see what the day brings.

Until then

Have a happy!