Friday, May 04, 2007

I think they know what I know

After I said this on the Thinklings site.

De asked :
Does it have to be a conspiracy?

I said:

Ok did someone spill it that Milly loves a good conspiracy theory? I’m brushing up on them for my trip to Dallas It’s for my Rep friends, they need to be informed. ;-} They need Tex Mex, rock music, and a good conspiracy theory.

I also posted my theory

Today this landed in the paper.


I wonder!


byevad said...

They're watching, Milly... They're watching! A new Starbucks is going up right down the street from where I work. I think they're on to me too!

From now on, refer to me as "Papa Bird" ok?

Kansas Bob said...

Milly, I read your comments on politics and abortion over at Thinklings. You are simply one of the most refreshing and wisest bloggers I know. Thanks for your openness and transparency.

Milly said...

Papa Bird ;-}

Got it.

Milly said...

Thank you as you can see standing up for the grey area isn't easy.

One of the things that gets me is the lack of honesty with people. I don't think that they are being totally honest with themselves. If your 12 year old daughter was raped and ended up pregnant what would you do? I can honestly say that 12 year olds don't fair well in the delivery room nor would she do well as a parent. Without a doubt I'd take over the raising part if needed. I just think that people easily say no grey when they haven't seen the things that I've seen.

Grown women need to be responsible and use birth control. Not just one kind but several different kinds at once if they don’t want a baby.

Kansas Bob said...

I agree that ...

"standing up for the grey area isn't easy."

... but Life is in the gray!

harland said...

Not easy very well