Sunday, May 20, 2007

This I believe by my big brother

The air hung heavy with the morning dew, as we lay on the slope in a
mountain meadow in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, on Philmont
Scout Ranch.

I am surrounded by 20 friends, each who had gotten out of warm sleeping
bags at 4 am. to climb from the valley to this mountain meadow. We have
spent a week together, and have a week of teaching adults about
leadership ahead of. But at this moment, we have solitude, in a meadow.

As we lay on plastic ground cloths, quietly waiting for sun to rise, I
thought back to the times that I have felt spiritual. And I realized
that they were usually at moments like these. Either in the woods, or
surrounded by my family.

I believe that God does not happen in church, at least for me. I find
God in the quiet moments before the sun rises.

I find God when my daughter laughs.

I find God in the quiet time between being awake and asleep, with my wife.

I find God while snuggling with my family in bed on a Sunday morning.

I find God while sitting in my backyard with a cup of coffee in the
morning, or a beer in the afternoon.

So, while on most Sundays you will find me in a pew at Mayflower
Congregational Church, awaiting Robin's word of
wisdom to challenge my beliefs, if you want to see me in a spiritual
moment, you will have to follow me home.


Kansas Bob said...

Church, family, backyard, mountains - guess He can be found and seen anywhere as long as we are seeking and seeing Him.

karen said...

That's cool!

harland said...

That is really cool !