Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I believe this

The other night I curled up on the sofa and watched The Lake House as I watched I began to think about what I believe.

I believe that love should feel like an old sweater or sweatshirt.

It should warm me and feel just right. I should be able to easily put it on. I think that it should wrap itself around me like my Eeyore jacket that I wear it around the house most of the time during cold weather.

Love should hold trust

Not just being able to close my eyes and fall into the waiting arms but to be able to face the one you trusted long after the fall.

Love should be a dance.

A soft wonderful dance. Some days your toes will be stepped on, others you’ll trip over your own two feet but always coming back together in each other’s arms.

Love is a wonderful thing.

It’s with us every day every moment from each other, those in our homes, our friends , family, even strangers at times show us brotherly love. I praise God for those He has given me to love and be loved by.

Love is a special gift given by God I believe we should enjoy it every day.


Missy said...

Well said, Milly!

pearlie said...

Good stuff!

I believe that love should feel like an old sweater or sweatshirt.
No wonder my son loves to smell my clothes right from when he was small!! Smell of lurve :) :)

Love should be a dance
I like that.

harland said...

Very well said. I appreciate it