Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today was a big old bear of a day at work.


We are very short handed and the other person working with me is a bit slower then she use to be due to medical reasons. We had a huge amount of people to deal with. While all of this is going on and I’m watching four screens at once people want keys made. I need to point this out I am watching and helping four people at once. I am also doing some paper work every time the alarm goes off. When people need keys made they don’t always take them off the key rings nor do they give me all that they want made. I can make two at once. When I call the department to come do it some of the guys are very slow. So here I am with lines and alarms and people with keys and one man brings me bug poison that has been crushed and is now leaking. It’s a haz mat and will need to be contained and called in. No big deal until I hear a CRASH I have another haz mat. I tell the man to leave it as he tries to pick up the broken glass. I explain that it’s a haz mat and he hands it to me. Yep he handed me the hazardous material. So now I’m trying to get someone to make keys, help me cordon off the area, get people to listen to me as I ask them not to walk on the broken glass, keep an eye on everyone, log the alarms, watch to screens, get a hold of our haz mat team, suck in the haz mat, and hold the broken tube.

I turned to my bosses after it settled down and said "I quit" they laughed at me. I said "No I quit, I’m hopping off the wagon and heading for that little bar down the road, I quit." one said "I’ll go with ya."

I decided that walking back to the time clock, cleaning out my locker, ( now full of some of your longer posts. You know who you are) turning in my uniform, and doing all the paperwork seemed too hard for the evening I’ve had.

Gee wiz ten days without a day off is hard. It’s Thursday and that means almost Friday so I can make it to Saturday because it almost here and I have Saturday and Sunday off. I shall spend Saturday helping my husband with Southern Gospel at church. Then on Sunday go to hear the word of God. . . . And that's what I love about Sundays.

How was your day?


Patchouli said...

Milly, Milly, Milly--I quit, too, after rushing to paint my kitchen, picking up the neighbor's trash in the rain at 6:30 a.m. in my pjs because my pup is out of control and everyone who said "I'll take care of the puppy!" is MIA, and while I am painting, the plumbing in the house backs up and it is up to me, supermom, to folllow instructions over the phone to snake the outside sewer cleanout--covered with paint,in the mud, with the trash eating puppy jumping on me, and three girls who just woke up desperately needing the bathroom that is not only not working, but becoming it's own hazmat I'm right there with you, Milly! And we got it done, didn't we, with no dead bodies to hide! WE SO ROCK!

Milly said...

You WIN!

Sewer clean out trumps all!

Missy said...

A park ranger told me that a lot of noise will scare those bear's away!

harland said...

to have fun see this