Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I have a theory

I have a conspiracy theory.

Oklahoma now has weather like Seattle.

Seattle is all about Starbucks .

We now have coffee houses everywhere in Tulsa.

They have even switch to Starbucks where I work.

There are three Starbucks not far from my house.

Starbucks =Global warming, it’s all the perking going on.

The overpriced coffee is killing the world not just hopping you up on caffeine.

If anything happens to me check the bottom of the bean pile or in the bottom of the pot with the grounds.


byevad said...

Milly, I think you may be on to something! I hearby boycott Starbucks! (That would be a much nobler statement if I actually liked Starbucks' coffee. It's kind of like me boycotting liver or brussel sprouts...)

Even if I stand alone in my boycott, I vow to come looking for you at the bottom of every bean pile should you go missing. After all, it would have to be done at the hands of the Corporate Machine!

Kansas Bob said...

I will not oppose Starbucks ... at least not while I am munching a bagel and drinking Starbucks Columbia from WalMart :)

Milly said...

You can be our ambassador of goodwill as my buddy who wasn’t in Cambodia ;-} said they called him when he was in Cambodia.

Thank you for offering to look for me if I vanish.