Monday, May 28, 2007

Love ya honey!

Happy Anniversary!
19 years!

That’s right nineteen years ago today we said "I do" to each other. It’s been a ride, a roller coaster ride.

Without God in our marriage I’d be posting about a divorce.

Last night I found myself giving advice to a young woman who is newly engaged, they had a big blow up and she was still a bit unhappy. I was rather honest about marriage and what it takes to keep it going. One thing I know is that you can never sit back and think that you are free and clear that this one will last forever because you love each other.
Marriage takes work. You have to fall in love with each other over and over again. There are times when we don’t seem to connect when we feel like roommates and others when were are like that couple who just fell in love.

Thanks for falling in love with me over and over again.


Kansas Bob said...

Congrats Milly!!

jettybetty said...

Marriage is a LOT of work!! (But worth it most the time!)

Missy said...

You are so right, Milly!
To many, many more years of falling in love.

Mark said...

Most of us are shocked that you could do anything for 19 years!

Milly said...

You couldn't bro. :-]
Nuff said on that one ;-}

Mark said...

Hey! I am 10 yrs with the straight one.

larry said...

Nineteen years of blissful, outrageous, and loving memories...not bad!

What does Mark know that we don't? :)

Mark said...

Nut I'm not talkin:)

Milly said...

Careful Mark I know stuff too.
10 with the straight one! Wow how time flies.

Sorry that I’ll be missing Miss Prima Ballerina dance.

For mark bro means bro as in mom and dad are the same.

pearlie said...

I know this is belated but Happy Anniversary! You are so right, without Christ, there is no love.

karen said...

Congrats, Milly! The first 100 years are the hardest, right? :-)

harland said...

Congrats ! ! !