Monday, August 27, 2007

She had a dream

Today a friend told me about her dream. She wanted to know what I thought about it.
Here’s the just of it.

She dreamt that she was back at her old church clapping and enjoying the worship. Eventually she was spotted by those she knew and was lovingly received back.

Without giving a lot of information she has been walking away from God with the wrong man and the wrong friends. Now that she has left the man she is longing for another relationship, she now feels lonely when she never had a problem with being alone.

I interpreted the dream as this.

She has missed God and wants Him back. He misses her and wants her back. I explained that sin looks and feels good that’s why we turn to it. But the relationship that she left God for was a false and empty one. The man was a nonbeliever who told her only what she wanted to hear then took from her things that she can’t ever get back. That’s what sin does to us. Sin changes who we are and it changes us forever.

I pointed out that the environment that we work in is hard to be in when you’re young because you want to fit in with those you think are the cool kids. You seek out friends and to be honest not very many of those that I work with are holding Christian values. She’s about to turn 21 and is looking forward to that step. I’m advising her to find a church and go back to God.

When we walk away from God knowing that the things we are doing is a sin is an offence to God, we are blessed that Jesus died so that she and I could walk away and run back to him.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Due to the fact that there are folks out there in computer land who want us to have stupid ads in our comment section we have word verification.

My old buddy salguod has a huge problem typing in the word verification. Now I have to admit that it takes me a couple of times once in a while but it sure is better them reading in the comment section I like your blog visit me @ myblogisanadforjunk we then have to go through the process of deleting the ad comment.

What can I do to make it better for salguod who has declared this to be evil?

Well I can teach him how to type the letters in.

  • Step one you look at the letters

  • Step two you type them in

  • Step three you push publish your comment

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fairy Dust

My daughter and I have a little imaginary game that we play about fairies. She adores them and talks of them often. I love the idea of having tiny little creatures flying around so I play along.
The other night I pulled her over to me while I was reading and said that I had just seen a fairy in the other room. Her eyes lit up and the corners of her mouth brought that great smile she has.
Where? She inquired as she looked around as if she believed me.

In the formal dining room. Want to know how I know it was there?

Yes. She said wide eyed.

Well I was sitting here reading and such when I heard the tiniest little clink clink clink. Of course I looked up to see what it was.

Her eyes trained on the room. What did you see?

I saw a tiny little fairy in the chandelier and then I saw fair dust slowly falling to the floor. Looks like even they run into that thing.

She smile big and began to tell me the story of the little boy fairy that lives in her room. Seems he redeemed himself, he was a bad fairy but now he’s good.

That gives us hope to be saved because she has saved a bad fairy.

Some day I want to sneak in and paint a fairy in the corner of the ceiling in her room.

I like the idea of fairy dust and such. I love dancing in glitter, yes Milly has danced in glitter. When in high school my uncle dragged me to meet a college recruiter who wanted to give me a scholarship. Part way down the hall he realized that I was covered in glitter and not wearing shoes he tried to scold me but it was me so I wasn’t really scolded. I got the scholarship and made the guy laugh. My uncle laughed after the guy left.

Take the time to dance in glitter and watch fairies because you never know when your time will be to move on. Give yourself permission to play.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pray for my friend

A few short hours ago I received word that a long time family friend has died.

If you had ever met these folks you not forget them, they knew the definition of friend and hospitality, something that was given to everyone. Her parents were a couple made for each other, her mom died a bit over a year ago. Now she joins her and we’re worried about her father.

Please pray for him.

Monday, August 20, 2007

. . . and so I have more thoughts

I think I have a bit of an obsession with Judas. Actually after I posted on communion and had time to proof it a bit. I know I do that backwards but my time doesn’t always allow that. I sat back and realized that I have a bit of an obsession with Judas.

Could it be that I feel sorry for this guy?

It was prophesied that he would do this he anguished over what he had done
Jesus said that he would.

Did he do something that the weaker me might have done?
I’d like to think no way no how.

Was he possessed?

I wonder if he felt that he was always on the outside of the group.
Was he that tag along guy?

What makes a man betray his friend for a few pieces of silver?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How do we communion?

Lots of post have been written about communion. Codepoke has written very moving posts on communion take the time to read them.

Missy has been thinking about communion.

All of this thought and the discussion got me thinking.

Is it to be a celebration or a mirthless occasion?

I’ve been told both.

I started to think of that "Last Supper"

What was the mood like?

Could you feel a shift in the air?

Did Jesus show any signs as to what was about to come?

And as I often do I made it my own

I began to think of what it might be like walking into that home for that meal.
Judas like a thief trying to hide what he had done. He stopped to look at his reflection in pool of water, he couldn’t help but see his treachery. Satan had been talking to him all along and now he has won. What was it inside him that made him give Jesus away for only a few pieces of silver? He tries to justify it as he walks in, look at Him always so perfect. He straitened himself and moved to his place.

Jesus washed their feet. That’s a big thing. Take the time to really read it, give it time to roll around in your mind. Have you ever walked into a room to have a meal with your friends and been surprised by having your feet washed?

I haven't

I realize that some of you know how I feel about feet so you might think sure Milly thinks it’s huge she wouldn’t do it. You know I don’t know now. I really gave this some thought. He not only washed their feet he washed the feet of those who would hurt him later and He knew it. He told them.

Now here’s the part where we are so set apart from Jesus. If those who were hurting me were about to have a meal I’d most likely not want to touch their dirty feet but if I did and I knew that they were going to betray me I’d have a bit of sarcasm in my tone when I spoke of some still being unclean. I might even smirk and look see if they might confess. I don’t believe that Jesus did such, it wasn’t in His heart. He knew that they were fulfilling the prophecy.

When He told them at that meal what they were going to do only one wasn’t surprise, he had already set the wheels in motion. I wonder if fear or anger gripped Judas? Hatred? What ever it was could it have been an emotion that he could hide?

A sociopath could hide it, I don’t think he was one.

The others might have sensed something in Judas except that Jesus was different that night. His words were cause for concern.

Did they look at each other thinking "It has to be him not me"

I doubt the mood was the usual one of talk of the day and listening to Jesus teach. This meal was different.

To celebrate or to mourn?

Still I don’t know.

Jesus gave His life for us for our sins His beautiful life. Jesus came to this earth knowing He’d go through all of it for us.

Humbled for sure.


Unworthy I don’t like thinking that because it almost feels like we don’t get it we don’t deserve Him and yet we don’t.

So I have no real words for the feeling that I feel that I should have for this moment. I do know that at times I make that meal of the Lord about me. For me. How can I make it about what it should be when I can’t put a word on it? It’s almost like trying to say YHWH you have to let the air out to say it. You have to let your breath of life out to say YHWH and breathe in new air, new life.


It’s a moment of giving, Jesus gave to us so we should celebrate His gift of life to us through His death.

I asked my son what he thought and being a wise young person who gives most things a bit of thought he said this about communion:

"All of God’s glory doesn't take place on the cross you need to focus on Jesus, on the examples He set for us."

This Sunday I will focus on what a gift I am receiving from Jesus not just from the cross but in all of God's glory.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I could end the world?!?

I’ve been told on more then one occasion this:


Wow now I want to push that button to test that theory.

Isn’t that just asking a person like me to vote for her?

Think about it I’m standing there and that little voice says "The world will end if you mark that ballot and Hillary wins."

A smile creeps over my face as I mark the rooster.



Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pray for our KB and his love

Please take some time today to pray for Kansas Bob and his wife. She’s hanging out in the hospital and he’s riding shot gun with his computer.

We love ya and the wife KB

Monday, August 06, 2007

No Faith

So lose of faith in leadership isn’t anything new. I have lost it for those who lead this country and now those who lead at the church that I attend.

I think part of it is that I’m too close to some of the men. If I didn’t know them and their families I might not have the information. I might be a part of the flock that is blind to the truth and very happy to walk in those doors sit in that room and worship God. I now have to figure out how to let those men not be such an obstruction of my worship. I have to get back to God being the focus of my time.

What do you do when sin stands a few feet away?

How do you walk past someone who has hurt you and not focus on the pain?

No I won’t leave that church. My son loves it there and this is the time that he needs for a foundation with God. The boy will soon be fourteen I want him to be happy with the place he worships.

I know that we all sin and just because you are a shepherd in church doesn’t mean that you will stop sinning. I do think that it should hold you accountable and if you and your family aren’t in the right place that you should step down.

I also know that some of you are wondering if I have spoken to these men. One I confronted right away. The other I haven’t I want to be able to speak without showing anger that is one that needs work. I have a bit of a temper and when pushed far enough I tend to really let go.
For now I give it to God.

Ever have one of these moments?

I called my sister to talk about how the weekend is going to go down. I asked if she could talk not wanting to bother her when she was working. She was on her way back from lunch. We talked for a while then she said "I can’t find my cell phone" Milly said "Oh a" Then she laughed "I talking to you on it." She had walked all the way back to her car and searched for it in her purse. Sad thing it took me a few seconds to realize I was talking to her on it.


Friday, August 03, 2007

I got a pod

My new toy.


Step 4:
Sync Your iPod and charge the battery.

Step 1:
Install the software

Step 2:
Connect iPod and follow the set up assistant.

Ummmm am I missing something?
Are these written a bit odd?
Should step 4 be step 1?
Am I not geeky enough to get this process?