Friday, August 24, 2007


Due to the fact that there are folks out there in computer land who want us to have stupid ads in our comment section we have word verification.

My old buddy salguod has a huge problem typing in the word verification. Now I have to admit that it takes me a couple of times once in a while but it sure is better them reading in the comment section I like your blog visit me @ myblogisanadforjunk we then have to go through the process of deleting the ad comment.

What can I do to make it better for salguod who has declared this to be evil?

Well I can teach him how to type the letters in.

  • Step one you look at the letters

  • Step two you type them in

  • Step three you push publish your comment


Missy said...

...please, repeat that very slowly while I write them down... :P

Milly said...

I think you got it I can see your comment;-}

salguod said...


That's my word this time. :-D

NOTE - Ha! as if to prove my point, I entered the silly code exactly right (following your instructions) and it didn't work!!! Now I get a new word, which, to the best of my ability to read in all of it's scripty glory is:



"My old buddy salguod has a huge problem typing in the word verification."

Now, hold on a minute. :-) It's not that I have trouble doing it, it's that it's such a pain. Sure, it keeps the spammers away (I used to have a code number thing on my blog. Very effective.), but at what cost?

For each and every comment (and post I just learned!), the author has to jump through this silly hoop. The 'words' are frequently 7-8 characters long and unreadable. So, the price for spam free is paid by each of us, one inscrutable word at a time.

Then there's the login every time you post a comment. It's just far harder than it needs to be and I hate it. Yeah, I ought to lighten up. :-P

If there weren't better, effective anti spam technologies out there that don't punish legit comments in order to keep the illegit away (Pink doesn't have a spam problem on WP nor do I on MT and we don't have these silly things), it might not be a big deal. But there are.

See, I'm a designer who thinks that we shouldn't have to settle for hard to use. Make the programmers work hard to make it easy for us.

I should probably get help. :-D Sigh.

salguod said...

Oh Phooey, Google spell checked my original word. :-P It wasn't actually 'down'.

This one's zaaxy. That actually sounds cool. Zaaxy. Honey, you lok zaaxy tonight. :-D

Oh boy, time for Doug to get off the computer.

pearlie said...

I find it a pain myself and so I removed it from my blog and so far so good. I have only been getting valid comments and not spam. (when you see it back, you'd know what it means.) But I respect all of you who need to maintain it and I will suffer through the 10 seconds ordeal and several tries since I almost always get it wrong! haha ... nah, it's not that bad.

Milly said...

I agree the one where you have to have a google account is a big pain, at times I just want to say it and go. I'll think about removing it for a while.

I started with WP and couldn’t get it up and running like I could with blogger. Blogger is easy for us who don’t program these things. Some of you might remember Milly’s first attempt with wp when I made a comment on the Thinklings.

As for making a change, change is bad we don’t like changes. ;-}

larry said...

Trying to get "word verification" to accept my take on the weird letters is a pain for me too!

Never works the first time for me; I have to keep typing in letters until it finally gets to the point a 3-year old can see the letters...then it might work.

Mark said...

I know this word, it means Beat ou!

salguod said...

I've never used WP, so I can't tell you how hard it is. I know that MT is for the more technically savvy.

There was a period of several weeks where I couldn't comment anywhere on Blogger. No matter what word I used, it wouldn't let me. I finally figured out that it wasn't the world at all, Blogger had stopped accepting the old Blogger logins and I had to use my Google login. It still says I can use my blogger account, but it doesn't work.

But there was not communication at all that the old login wouldn't work, it just blocked me.

We hates Blogger, we does. :-D

karen said...

See, I don't get why there has to be a large number of letters, or that it has to be all wavy, etc. An automated robot thingamajig isn't going to be able to put in, say, just 2 letters, any more than a bunch of unrecognizable ones. It's a pain, indeed.

Kansas Bob said...

Just enter the letters (i.e. gquofotcu), hit preview and you will get through he dance so that you can actually say what you want to say without having to get your fingers slapped by a wrong entry ... or everyone can take it off their blogs ... I'm with salguoD on this one!

Bird said...

I have yet to install word verification on my blog, but I think I'll have to pretty soon.

Danny Kaye said...

I don't get it. Some of the other Blogger users don't have spam, nor do they have the "mystical-word-that-you're-destined-to-type-wrong" thingy.

Is there a feature that you (Mil-Gurl) can get that you might not know about, perhaps?

Milly said...

They get them they just don't always know it. It's a very clever spam these days. It makes it sound like they have read your stuff. It’s something like I like your blog try mine then they have a link to theirs. I hate the idea of them hitting it in the dark so to speak. Codepoke has taken a few hits on his and so have I that’s why I have it. They use real people now also so keep your eyes open.

Brian said...

I sympathize with Doug's plight. I truly do. I ALWAYS have to type in the obfuscated %@!& code twice for it to take on blogspot blogs. I think it must time out after so long and since I'm a slow typist, well...

That said, WP is da bomb for this kind of thing. Have you tried a free WP blog through No installation necessary, just sign up. And you can turn on the spam filters which work amazingly well. Just a thought.

My word - "iilns".

eclexia said...

I'm totally NOT techno-savvy, and I figured out WordPress. It was a sort of dare almost, because someone told me I should start my own blog and I said I wouldn't be able to figure it out, and began to start an account to see how far I could go and prove I couldn't :) In any case, Wordpress has Akismet, which has caught all spam before it showed up on my posts. I found your website reading some of your comments on codepoke's blog. I appreciate your honesty and the way you make me think.
Oh, my word is "enfapm", which for some reason, makes me think of a diet pill--probably because I'm a medical transcriptionist and am always having to learn new and strange sounding medicines!

harland said...

I is good to keep it in blogs, as people work it via programs, i.e. automate the process by typing junk messages.

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