Monday, August 20, 2007

. . . and so I have more thoughts

I think I have a bit of an obsession with Judas. Actually after I posted on communion and had time to proof it a bit. I know I do that backwards but my time doesn’t always allow that. I sat back and realized that I have a bit of an obsession with Judas.

Could it be that I feel sorry for this guy?

It was prophesied that he would do this he anguished over what he had done
Jesus said that he would.

Did he do something that the weaker me might have done?
I’d like to think no way no how.

Was he possessed?

I wonder if he felt that he was always on the outside of the group.
Was he that tag along guy?

What makes a man betray his friend for a few pieces of silver?


codepoke said...

Our Thursday night group got into Judas too.

Char asked about the one random kid that gets saved from death in John 4. She asked, "What about the other thousands of kids who didn't get healed?"

At the end of the night, the answer that stuck was this:

Jesus introduced the church with miracles, but then miracles step aside so a greater thing can happen. The church steps up and loves those other thousands of kids. Love is greater than miracles. You can tell, because God quits using miracles to draw out love.

Then we went back to Judas. 2 things on Judas. Offenses must come, but woe to him through whom they come. Judas did not have to betray his Lord and friend but he sure did.

In my opinion, we all will betray our Lord unless He stops us. I think it was Baxter who looked at a man hanging from a gallows for some crime and said, "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

We are far more dependent on God for our day-to-day walk than we know. I believe Jesus did nothing to influence Judas, except preach to him and show him the same love He showed everyone else. And I believe that's why Judas fell. Jesus strengthened the spirits of the other disciples to keep them from falling.

And that's why we pray. We ask God to strengthen our spirits, too. We waste so much time praying about little things like divorce and cancer and war. What matters is whether our hearts remain alive to Him, and that's what our prayers should mean most. When God promises to keep us alive, and alive more abundantly, He is talking about the kind of life that matters - the life in the spirit.

Judas was a member in good standing. He was trusted with everyone's money and food. We need more.

Milly said...

I do think that he was treated equally. I just wonder if he wasn’t that guy who never felt that he could measure up.

So some might be thinking what does it matter. It happened and we are all the better.

Well I just ponder stuff like that.

Mark said...

There are some who believ that Judas was of a particular sect. He believed that once Christ was taken, that God would sweep the non believers from Juda.
In his mind it was not a betrayal, but an advance of the cause.
When it failed, he killed himself.

harland said...

Sometimes, due to certain circumstances, we go out of our mind & do some silly things that we shouldn't or can't even believe.

This is all based on our Karmas