Monday, August 06, 2007

No Faith

So lose of faith in leadership isn’t anything new. I have lost it for those who lead this country and now those who lead at the church that I attend.

I think part of it is that I’m too close to some of the men. If I didn’t know them and their families I might not have the information. I might be a part of the flock that is blind to the truth and very happy to walk in those doors sit in that room and worship God. I now have to figure out how to let those men not be such an obstruction of my worship. I have to get back to God being the focus of my time.

What do you do when sin stands a few feet away?

How do you walk past someone who has hurt you and not focus on the pain?

No I won’t leave that church. My son loves it there and this is the time that he needs for a foundation with God. The boy will soon be fourteen I want him to be happy with the place he worships.

I know that we all sin and just because you are a shepherd in church doesn’t mean that you will stop sinning. I do think that it should hold you accountable and if you and your family aren’t in the right place that you should step down.

I also know that some of you are wondering if I have spoken to these men. One I confronted right away. The other I haven’t I want to be able to speak without showing anger that is one that needs work. I have a bit of a temper and when pushed far enough I tend to really let go.
For now I give it to God.


Mark said...

That's tough Sis, you have to find a way to separate. Part might be to pull back from your own activities, and focus on you, not the "church".
Attend worship, keep God at the center, and not the "Church".

Also, they are human, so it is a given they will sin, it is ok to hold them to a higher standard, but don't put them on an alter.

Hang in there, usually good comes from these stress.

Kansas Bob said...

I really wish that I couldn't relate Milly :(

What you describe is (I think) a pretty common experience for those who work in the church. Having to confront leaders is a very difficult matter because you are dealing with people who have sometimes very large egos.

My recommendation is to get another involved like your husband and lovingly confront the person(s). If it is not resolved then you'll have to decide whether to take it to another level or not.

Be assured that many others have experienced what you are experiencing. Blessings as you navigate through this Milly.


laymond said...

Hi Milly, hope things clear up soon I really don't know enough to comment. So I will give you the advice my mom gave me "just be the better man or Christian in your case" :)

salguod said...

The test of a man (at least one of them) is not if he sins, but how he responds when confronted.

The only way to know that is to confront him. That's the hard bit.

If he's a man of God, he'll come around. It may take bring another along in the spirit of Matthew 18, but he should respond. Then, as Mark said, then is when God shines. Heck, two people getting along or even more commonly, two people stuffing their differences away is easy. People do that all the time without God's help. Two people coming to a head and sorting it out and emerging colser on the other side. That's God.

Have faith, it can happen.

Danny Kaye said...


This is a tough one, mainly because I am an outsider and don't know the men or the situations. But I do have some thoughts (no shock there, eh!).

First, you have to be able to figure out how Jesus would address these men. Would he address them as he would a pharisee? or a tax collector? or as a loving brother to a guy who (whether he knows it or not) is caught in what you would consider a sin. How would Jesus deal with this? Do that and you'll always succeed.

Another thought I have is to think back on your history with these men. Are they typically defensive? Are they typically humble? Are they typically good listeners? Are they typically understanding?

If your experience with these men is that they are usually very humble, then you must trust that they will be this time. But remember, your presentation of your concern will have a great impact on how they respond. Guns-a-blazin' tend to put the defenses up. But bring a homemade apple pie with a note of appreciation for how hard they work for the Lord and you will have kept the discussion on a level of humility.

Just go in knowing that you yourself haven't got a leg to stand on because you are a sinner too, and that humilty will prayerfully breed more humility.

But no matter what, do not put this off. I know you want a cool off time. But take some time today to pray though the emotions and ask God to help you keep your humilty in check, and then go to it. Putting it off will not help.

(ya' know? that's a whole lot easier to type than it is to follow.) ;-)

harland said...

Be a good person, & things will get good eventually. It might take time, til lthen find a way that doesn't hurt anyone.

Figure out