Monday, August 27, 2007

She had a dream

Today a friend told me about her dream. She wanted to know what I thought about it.
Here’s the just of it.

She dreamt that she was back at her old church clapping and enjoying the worship. Eventually she was spotted by those she knew and was lovingly received back.

Without giving a lot of information she has been walking away from God with the wrong man and the wrong friends. Now that she has left the man she is longing for another relationship, she now feels lonely when she never had a problem with being alone.

I interpreted the dream as this.

She has missed God and wants Him back. He misses her and wants her back. I explained that sin looks and feels good that’s why we turn to it. But the relationship that she left God for was a false and empty one. The man was a nonbeliever who told her only what she wanted to hear then took from her things that she can’t ever get back. That’s what sin does to us. Sin changes who we are and it changes us forever.

I pointed out that the environment that we work in is hard to be in when you’re young because you want to fit in with those you think are the cool kids. You seek out friends and to be honest not very many of those that I work with are holding Christian values. She’s about to turn 21 and is looking forward to that step. I’m advising her to find a church and go back to God.

When we walk away from God knowing that the things we are doing is a sin is an offence to God, we are blessed that Jesus died so that she and I could walk away and run back to him.


preacherman said...

You are so right.
God's grace is bigger than we can begin to imagine. Thank go for the gift that God has given us through His son Jesus Christ.

laymond said...

Milly we are always welcomed back, I wandered in desolate places for forty years, but never forgot where home was. I thank God I didn't get lost forever out there.
I was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

Kansas Bob said...

Awesome interpretation Milly ... or should I call you Josephine :)

Patchouli said...

Your friend is blessed with a wise and wonderful friend.

pearlie said...

God will receive us back gladly. Because of what Jesus has done for us. And she definitely has a good and wise friend in you. Continue to encourage her.

harland said...

Very Right Correctly written too