Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fairy Dust

My daughter and I have a little imaginary game that we play about fairies. She adores them and talks of them often. I love the idea of having tiny little creatures flying around so I play along.
The other night I pulled her over to me while I was reading and said that I had just seen a fairy in the other room. Her eyes lit up and the corners of her mouth brought that great smile she has.
Where? She inquired as she looked around as if she believed me.

In the formal dining room. Want to know how I know it was there?

Yes. She said wide eyed.

Well I was sitting here reading and such when I heard the tiniest little clink clink clink. Of course I looked up to see what it was.

Her eyes trained on the room. What did you see?

I saw a tiny little fairy in the chandelier and then I saw fair dust slowly falling to the floor. Looks like even they run into that thing.

She smile big and began to tell me the story of the little boy fairy that lives in her room. Seems he redeemed himself, he was a bad fairy but now he’s good.

That gives us hope to be saved because she has saved a bad fairy.

Some day I want to sneak in and paint a fairy in the corner of the ceiling in her room.

I like the idea of fairy dust and such. I love dancing in glitter, yes Milly has danced in glitter. When in high school my uncle dragged me to meet a college recruiter who wanted to give me a scholarship. Part way down the hall he realized that I was covered in glitter and not wearing shoes he tried to scold me but it was me so I wasn’t really scolded. I got the scholarship and made the guy laugh. My uncle laughed after the guy left.

Take the time to dance in glitter and watch fairies because you never know when your time will be to move on. Give yourself permission to play.


Bird said...

Permission granted! ;-)

preacherman said...

Sounds like such so much fun.
I think my boys would even love the game.

karen said...

good word, milly!

harland said...

Permission Granted !...