Friday, November 21, 2008

Tell me if I’m right or wrong

I’m bringing this up because I’m just having a hard time believing that this can be true.

I have spoken with men and women gay and straight and I’ve been told the same thing. I find it hard to believe it but when I defend those who I think would never feel this way I’m told that I’m dead out wrong all of you have it in you.

Men are designed to cheat.

I don’t think God created them that way. I can list several men that I don’t think would ever cheat on their wives or girl friends. I think that some do think about it but they would never ever do it. I don’t think that you all think about it because you love and respect your ladies.

If it is true then we are to accept that men will cheat on us! We just need to shut up and allow it. I never wanted to do that to my husband or my family. I never want to be with a man who will do that to us.

Tell me if I’m right or wrong.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It’s cold and damp put and I’d love to be in my Pjs right now.

I can’t say much these days perhaps because I have little to say right now.
I thought I’d post some thoughts though.

Some things you might not know about me.

Monkeys freak me out, but I love sock monkeys.
I love to daydream.
I wear bifocals, no line I’m not that old.
I think it’s cool when friends insist I read a book they love.
Especially if they have underlined the parts that move them.
I want to be more talented but seem to have very little time to be.
I worry about people when I don’t see or hear from them for a while.
I pray that they are fine.
I love to watch old movies.
I think that there are movies that are a must to watch before you die. Some day I’ll try to list them.
I have a lot of bottles of water in my car. I have an idea of why but still.
I may have found the best pancakes but a coworker tells me different. I’ll keep you posted as I search.
I think that when you dream you should dream big and small always reaching and always obtaining.
I hate that my knee is wrecked and that I will need to see a specialist, I want to run again and not feel pain.
I believe in true love and know that I might find it someday.
I seek Him
I love art
I crave the opera
I squished an ant yesterday.
I like cats but I think that not all cats are the same so some need to live away from me.
I love snakes.
We have a mouse at work and I have named him. I hope they don’t catch him
I think soup is important to your well being so eat some.
I have a lot to say a lot of the time.
If I tell you I love you I mean it.

It's game night and they are waiting.

Have a happy!

Friday, November 07, 2008

It's all. . .

It’s really an amazing thing life and how our world within us works.
A tragedy struck hard for one of my coworkers. If you are from Ohio you’ll most likely know the wreck. His lose was a hard one and yet today he showed me how life finds a way, a new baby was born. Just as he was counting his loses and praying for those still recovering and wondering if . . .a baby is born. God’s reminder that life is still here for us. Still today was resting hard on him. I could see it and offered a hug and words. Those words are just that they remove none of the pain.

Pain is pain.

Life is hard . . .that’s the way it is. I’ve never met anyone who said that it was a free ride.
I have a theory.

If things were easy then we wouldn’t appreciate. We wouldn’t appreciate the good because it’s all good. No one would yell at me at work because everything ran smoothly. They made no mistakes it’s all good.

No marriage would fail it’s all good
No child dies it’s all good.
No heart stops it’s all good.
No child to go hungry it’s all good.
Money is nothing to worry about it’s all good.

Men honor their commandments it’s all good.

But this is earth and it’s not all good. . .we make mistakes.
We fail.
Death happens.
We hunger.
We need.
We want.
Dishonor is within.

Blood was shed for us and someday. . .
it’s all Heaven.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A song is ringing in my head today.

You take the good you take the bad and there you have the facts of life.

Church was great this morning I felt the songs and enjoyed the minister. One of the men could see it in my eyes and I could see it in his as he took my hand to his cheek. Sadness. It’s hard to hide it some days but we try. His wife is ill, just getting to church is hard for the two of them. I adore those people.

I’ll come out stronger my children won’t.

Good you ask?

Where is the good?

I have wonderful people, some take my hand to their faces when I hug them. They show me thir eyes, the eyes of Jesus.

I received a call tonight saying that my dad had gone forward. My heart stopped and panic set in I began to question my cousin as to where they had taken him. She said no he is going forward in church. my dad took the dip.

God never said Milly life will be a peach for you He just promised to be there every moment of the day.

So I take the good and I take the bad as I hold His hand and He takes it to His cheek.