Friday, November 07, 2008

It's all. . .

It’s really an amazing thing life and how our world within us works.
A tragedy struck hard for one of my coworkers. If you are from Ohio you’ll most likely know the wreck. His lose was a hard one and yet today he showed me how life finds a way, a new baby was born. Just as he was counting his loses and praying for those still recovering and wondering if . . .a baby is born. God’s reminder that life is still here for us. Still today was resting hard on him. I could see it and offered a hug and words. Those words are just that they remove none of the pain.

Pain is pain.

Life is hard . . .that’s the way it is. I’ve never met anyone who said that it was a free ride.
I have a theory.

If things were easy then we wouldn’t appreciate. We wouldn’t appreciate the good because it’s all good. No one would yell at me at work because everything ran smoothly. They made no mistakes it’s all good.

No marriage would fail it’s all good
No child dies it’s all good.
No heart stops it’s all good.
No child to go hungry it’s all good.
Money is nothing to worry about it’s all good.

Men honor their commandments it’s all good.

But this is earth and it’s not all good. . .we make mistakes.
We fail.
Death happens.
We hunger.
We need.
We want.
Dishonor is within.

Blood was shed for us and someday. . .
it’s all Heaven.


Missy said...

" is."

:) Love ya, Milly!

Lynne said...

and if life was as comfortable as I want it to be, I know I would stop feeling my need of God ..

Kansas Bob said...

Magnificent Milly! I love this:

"We wouldn’t appreciate the good because it’s all good."

chris said...


Timothy said...

Hi Milly,
I read a quote from Elisabeth Elliott this week that was so true. If we got everything we wanted in this life, we would never desire to leave this world behind, where we have a much brighter future.

That's not exact, but you get the idea. God never removes the pain on this side of glory, so that we long to be with Him in His glory. Yes, we do pray for heaven on earth, knowing that in due time it will come. But for most of us, we will leave this world through death, and the suffering and pain will be a distant memory because of His pain and suffering for us on our behalf.