Monday, June 30, 2008

I have a prayer request for my friends in Blog Land.

I want to tell you about my friend, she’s one of those people that I was just drawn to. Honestly, she had me at hello and I suppose I had her also. We’ve spent hours talking about life, God, kids, marriage, and nothing at all. We’ve laughed and cried together and I’d honestly cut my right arm off to save her life.

When I told her what was going on in my life and that I was divorcing my husband she yelled at me for not calling her for support. She was loud about it. She was also right I do need her. I called her just the other night to vent about something to find that she was recovering from surgery. I knew that she needed it but didn’t know when she was going in. My sorry self has been so consumed with me and the kids that I have neglected others.

Tonight I smiled when my phone rang her ring tone, that smile left my face when she told me that they found cancer.


She’s reassured me that she’s fine and that this one has a high cure rate. I looked it up because that’s how us bloggers roll. It's about a 96% cure rate.

Still. . .
I worry. . .
She’s worried about me and how mediation is going to go so she's is calling me Thursday on her way to tell her mom and the kids.

She’s worried about me!

She has CANCER and she’s ready to cut her right arm off for me!

That's why God gave us friends.

We talked tonight about how we didn’t need anyone else but God and yet He gave us friends

Thanks God!

PS Call a friend this week just to talk

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not gonna let the apple hit me again

I love the song below and at first I didn’t get why, read the words.

I Move on like a sinner's prayer
Lettin' go like a levee brakes
Walk away as if I don’t care
Learn to shoulder my mistakes
I'm built to fade like your favorite song
Get reckless when there’s no need
Laugh as your stories ramble on
Break my heart, but it won’t bleed
My only friends are pirates
It’s just who I am
I’m better as a memory
Than as your man
Never sure when the truth won’t do
I'm pretty good on a lonely night
I move on the way the storm blows through
I never stay but then again I might
I struggle sometimes to find the words
Always sure until I doubt
Walk a line until it blurs
Build walls too high to clime out
But I'm honest to a fault
It’s just who I am
I'm better as a memory
Than as you man
I see you leaning
You’re bound to fall
I don’t want to be that mistake
I’m just a dreamer
Nothing more
You should know it before it gets too late
'Cause Goodbyes are like a roulette wheel
You never know where they're gonna land
First you’re spinning then your standin' still
Left holdin' A losing hand
One day your gonna find someone
Right away you'll know it’s true
That all of your seekin's done
It’s just a part of the passing through
Right there in that moment
You'll finally understand
That I was better as a memory than as your man
Better as a memory than as your man
By Kenny Chesney

It hit me like a ton of apples the other day as I was singing along. This bad boy is being decent and that is why we girls took a bite of the forbidden fruit! He is telling us what he knew we’d fall for. Not me never ever again . . . I still like the song but I will keep Eve close to me. I wonder if she prayed for her sisters. I wonder if she hoped that no woman would ever trust the serpent and take the bite of forbidden fruit.

I hope a pray that we can walk away from that bad boy no matter how sweet that fruit looks.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Littles World

Miss Littles has a request on her blog.

She's speaking from a eight year old's heart.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love socks of monkey

Monday I wore my sock monkey socks so you know all went well.

On my dashboard I placed the picture K gave me when we visited OKC and something Miss Littles gave me from church. I read a few lines from the book I was reading while listening to the local Christian station. Talked to God and went into the office. We walked across the street talking all the way about life, changes, and just stuff.

What I heard was heartbreaking and soon in will come to pass.

I wore my Sock Monkey socks that G gave me so you know I had love at my feet.

God is sending me those who will give love and prayers.

Thank you Mark, K, and G love ya!

Thank you to all who are pray'n

Friday, June 13, 2008

On my reading to do list is

Mike Mullane was signing copies of his book Riding Rockets at the Kennedy Space Center so we took the opportunity to take a picture of him with my son and have a few things autographed. He let people know as they purchased the book that it was not for youngsters. "This is not a kids book." because of life stuff I haven’t had the wanted time to read but I’m a bit of the way in and I have to agree that it isn’t for the young adventures. It’s been good so far and it’s left me wanting to keep reading even when I know the 4:21 am alarm is going to be hard on me. Here’s what he wrote in my book.

My real name here

Dream Big!
Mike Mullane
515,41D,27,36 (some of these numbers might be wrong. Sorry Mike if they are.)

I just don’t have big dreams right now. I want my kids to be ok and I want to be able to put them in a safe home. I want more for them than anything. I want them to know that God and mom are right here for them.

I guess these are big enough dreams for a mom.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The boy glows

Please hold my son in your prayers as he learns to be the hands and feet of Christ.
He’s on a mission trip again and as some of you might remember last year he landed in the hospital. My son in the glow of the fireworks at Disney World.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I was just thinking and wondering if. . . .&. . . Why. . .

If God isn’t sending anyone to hell then is everyone going to Heaven?

Even those who don’t want God?

What about those fallen angels?

Where are the ones who will turn away going?

Why does it say that we will face judgement if we have no consequences?

Anyway just think'n today, even in the fog of vacation messes, just think'n.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Home is where the mess is!

We are home!

The Space Shuttle is an amazing wonderment. I’d recommend going to anyone who is interested in space exploration. My son was so delighted by this event.

Cocoa beach didn’t seem to have a Jennie in a bottle for us to find but it did have a tremendous amount of family fun. My children could spend days playing on the beach. I’m still finding sand in things.

Mickey Mouse Land was wonderful and exhausting. I loved looking around the worlds in Epcot. Although I did speak to a lady working there about the trolls. She told me that they aren’t the things that they have everywhere in her country, they only have them in the story books. Gee do you think that we Americanized the countries? ;-}

France is a great place to have a treat. Yummy!

We had breakfast with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch. Stitch sat in my chair and drank my juice. The kids were tickled.

Miss Littles and I had dinner one evening in Cinderella’s castle. It was quite an affair. The Fairy Godmother put her hands on my shoulders and spoke to me during the performance. I was thrilled! I played her in a high school production.

The coolest characters for me to see were Eeyore and Snow White. I gave Eeyore a big hug. Snow was so pretty. She’s the prettiest of them all.

I’m up to my eyes in laundry, need to make something for dinner, and I feel as if I’m about to drop. I’ll be talking with you all later.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vacation update

I’m using the condo computer so not much information today.

My little beach bums were happy to be back in the water. We didn’t find a Jennie on Cocoa Beach

The space shuttle launch was amazing!

I can’t wait to share photos with you folks.

I'm getting ready for Mickey World.