Friday, June 13, 2008

On my reading to do list is

Mike Mullane was signing copies of his book Riding Rockets at the Kennedy Space Center so we took the opportunity to take a picture of him with my son and have a few things autographed. He let people know as they purchased the book that it was not for youngsters. "This is not a kids book." because of life stuff I haven’t had the wanted time to read but I’m a bit of the way in and I have to agree that it isn’t for the young adventures. It’s been good so far and it’s left me wanting to keep reading even when I know the 4:21 am alarm is going to be hard on me. Here’s what he wrote in my book.

My real name here

Dream Big!
Mike Mullane
515,41D,27,36 (some of these numbers might be wrong. Sorry Mike if they are.)

I just don’t have big dreams right now. I want my kids to be ok and I want to be able to put them in a safe home. I want more for them than anything. I want them to know that God and mom are right here for them.

I guess these are big enough dreams for a mom.


karen said...

Praying for good dreams, milly.

preacherman said...

I pray that all the wonderful, big dreams you have may come true. God is the God of the impossible. I like that about God. He continues to do mircles and make his glory known among us.
Keep trust Him and know he has great plans for your life.

Also, thank you for the reading recommendation. I think my wife and I are going to enjoy it.

I hope and pray that you have a great week! :-)