Thursday, August 31, 2006

HE thinks/SHE thinks too much

Our Brother Codepoke in a wonderful description of his tennis playing said this:

"The third set started on my serve again. I had just finished losing two service games in a row, but I managed to successfully mentally reset. How much of that was because a pretty girl started watching the match, I'll never know. She was there for 4 games, watching everyone. I don't know why that settles my mind the way it does, but we won those 4 games, and started the third set up 4-0.Somehow, imagining that someone is watching me allows me to quit thinking about myself and start thinking about the job at hand. I don't know why that is, but it surely is."

I couldn’t stop thinking about this.

How different men and women are.

I imagined myself playing tennis then realizing a hansom man was watching me, I know what I would have done.

Picture Milly in a crisp white tennis outfit her racket matching the piping on her shirt. Her shoes clean and white. She is in a sun visor and looks good.

Here is what Milly would be thinking:

Hmm he’s nice to look at I should smile right before I serve. There I smiled. Don’t miss the ball. Is he watching? Darn I missed. Focus! He saw me miss. I wonder if he’s watching me walk back to the line? Can he see that huge bruise? I hope I didn’t miss a spot when I shaved. Hit the ball, run, I look stupid when I run. Yea! she missed. Now he’s looking at me. I need to spit, will he notice me spitting? It’s sports everyone spits. Nice. . . it was a drool. Was he even looking at me? He’s looking at her. Make a good shot then he’ll look at me. *&flop%$#@ Milly bits the dust. I’m ok just a little blood no big deal. Yep men like women who can fall with that amount of grace. I looked like a gazelle flying through the air right before I slammed into the ground like a large puffin. Milly looks at the man as she limps off to wipe the blood. He forces a smile. He smiled at me!

So maybe not all women are like I am but that’s what might have happened. I think about stuff like how I look when I’m doing things. I practiced sitting, eating, even talking. Women change outfits a zillian times because we think: Do I look fat? Is this to low cut? I should shave. Too much make up? Not enough make up? We have to worry about our hair! Our panty hose NEVER fit right! Bra straps show. As we age things saggggg! Chipped nails, shoes that hurt, jewelry, just the right amount of perfume because it’s a fine line. Don’t get me started on eating on a date!

You men make sure you're clean and you’ve shaved.

Why can’t we put our big girl panties on, our comfortable jeans, a shirt that won’t show stains from what we ate, ALL OF WHAT WE ORDERED!,and shoes that make us want to hold your hand and walk for a while in the cool fall breeze?

(Is this breeze mussing my hair too much or just right? Darn I tripped on nothing again.I'm such a clutz)

I love this song

You are beautiful beyond description Too marvelous for words Too wonderful of comprehension Like nothing ever seen or heard Who can grasp your infinite wisdom Who can fathom the depth of your love You are beautiful beyond description Majesty enthroned above

And I stand, I stand in awe of you I stand, I stand in awe of you Holy God to whom all praise is due I stand in awe of you.

By Mark Altrogge

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Caution :Nothing Important has gotten to me and you could be next.

Last night while I sat here with ice on my knee I started surfing the Duct Tape sites. Why?
I have no idea. The odd thing is that the actually have contest like make and wear a Duct Tape prom dress. They sale Duct Tape roses and wallets. I have the wallet instructions if you want them.

I also e-mailed the Great Stuff people. It is great stuff and I wanted them to know I love it. WD-40 will remove it from your skin I’m told.

They have WD-40 pens now so that you can get it just where you want with less the mess. Brilliant!

You can use a drill to make refried beans. Danny Kaye should know that.

I tried to play a little pong last night too it was on one of those Duct Tape sites. I didn’t join the club, that’s crazy talk.

I’m going to try to take a nap now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Group thing

I loved going to MOPS even with the problems with the clique.

I’m looking at Moms In Touch.

If you have some please feel free to add.

I didn’t see anything for Dads. Why isn’t there a Dads In Prayer group? You guys could get together while fixing each others lawn equipment or build something for a local charity and pray for you families and the community.

Monday, August 28, 2006



sisterhood >noun 1 the relationship between sisters. 2 a feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women. 3 an association or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.

I asked the question- Is it really a sisterhood?

The interesting thing, at least to me, is that most women have a story of dystopian about a sisterhood.

Karen said: I've been rejected by what I thought was a sister more than once.

Milly said: Seems to me that so many are cliques not sisterhoods and I think the definitions are different.

Codepoke shared a bit of what his ex-wife went through.

Codepoke also pointed out the value in a good sisterhood.

There is a way that the sisters came together for her during certain times of their lives that men never experience. Women see and respond to little things that men just don't. And when they do it, they do it together. When something would happen to a woman in our church, the other sisters would descend upon her home like a flock of starlings. No one was in charge, but everyone moved in the same direction at the same time, and that wounded sister was helped.
For the life of me I don’t get it we can go from being these thoughtful loving people to unaffectionate beings.

He's so right!

Karen is right men can do it also. For now my focus is on the women.

We pounce fast at words like home school, public school, daycare, stay-at-home mom, working mom, feminist, pro, activist, spank, spare, and so on.

Why do we get so defensive?

Simple, it questions us. It brings the very essence of who we are in to question. It makes us rethink our foundations. Am I a good parent? Am I a good wife? Am I a good example of a sister?

We have enough to worry about!

I have floors to mop, rooms to clean, toilets to scrub, children to raise, a husband to hold, and a job outside my home.

I am a sister in this sisterhood!

I love you brothers and sisters!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is it really a sisterhood?

I’ve been thinking about sisterhood and if it honestly exists.

In kindergarten I had only one real friend, a boy. We are still friends. I was so shy that I couldn’t bring myself to even know how to play with the children. To this day my kindergarten teacher still remembers me. She has taught two of my cousin’s children. I was just that unforgettably shy. In grade school I had several friends boys and girls as friends. Something happens as we grow we seem to divide as our hormones race. Is this when the sisterhood develops and is this when a brotherhood happens?

I loved my girl friends in high school and they definitely still feel like family, but is that the definition of sisterhood?

In college one of my friends and I would know where the other was almost all the time. No kidding I could know just by thinking of her and know not only things like what store but what aisle she would be in. Drove my boyfriend crazy. Was that a sisterhood?

I have two very close friends now. I can’t tell where they are when I think of them but I can call if I need them. Is this a sisterhood?

I’ve noticed that on some of our blogs when the subject of women comes up women can hit fast and hard if they think someone is about to step on a woman’s rights or what they think the rights are. Is this a sisterhood quick to jump on the man in moment’s time?

A blog that I read by a very smart man was hit hard because he simply put in a link about how men and women have different brains.

We do! For those who haven’t realized it yet we do. I could put all the stereo typical reasoning jargon hoping not to be hit myself but I won’t. I will say look as far as your bathroom. Does he have makeup and perfume and things to brush his eyebrows? (I know he needs it) Will you find facial scrub and six kinds of moisturizers in a basket? If you give him a seashell will he put it in the bathroom?

Now don’t get me wrong on this I think the idea of a sisterhood is great as long as it’s open to other sisters. I’ve seen how quickly women can shut others out. Heck I’ve had that ugly door slammed in my face. I thought that volunteering for a women’s group would be fun, I’d get to know other women better from my church not to mention women from the area. After struggling to get to know them for a year and a half I gave up. I remember the exact moment I made the decision. I was in Minnesota for a convention, as I walked to the convention center alone I took in what God had made. I took long deep breaths allowing fall to seep into my senses. The leaves were beautifully colored in reds, yellows, and browns. The damp cool air made me wish I could walk forever. I stopped to ask for directions from a doctor’s office, the doctor himself took my hand and pointed to the center. I didn’t want to walk in I wanted to see the city, I thought about my mom, I wondered if she enjoyed any of Minnesota while dad was in college.

My thoughts were taken back to reality when I reached the entrance I walked here alone because they walked away as I headed for the center. They didn’t say they were going a different way as we walked I turned to see them walking away, the wrong way. No we were not a sisterhood. One lady asked me if I was ok and said she was worried about me. One not the other nine or so. Why didn’t I stop and follow? Two reasons, one they walked away after being given the correct directions as I went through the door. Two they were going the wrong way. I felt that the whole time in that ministry as if we were trying to wrap a box in the most beautiful wrapping only to find it empty once opened. It was a disappointing gift.

We met nightly to go over what had gone on in our meetings finally someone spoke what had been on my heart about trust and the lack of it. I chose not to tell what I felt I refused to hurt people. After the meeting one person spoke to me about what she had been saying behind my back, they were lies. I confronted the other person involved she denied it and tried to give blame to others.

Is a sisterhood suppose to be so hard?

Is a sisterhood a way of protecting women?

Is a sisterhood a way of pushing men out?

Is it really a sisterhood?

I’m not saying that I don’t like being around women I just wonder if sometimes we go too far when we agree to protect the other sister.

I prefer the idea of a brotherhood and a sisterhood being a familyhood.

Don’t get me wrong though, ya just don’t mess with my Cowboys. ;-} because sisters, those are my brothers.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Milly Millyist thoughts

Observations of the week

If you get really close to my bumper in traffic -I slow down

If you tell me you are going to our competitor after being down right rude-I think "Good"
I smile instead and tell you "Have a grand day"

I am not a bartender yet-people tell me stuff, at times it’s very personal

My husband is great-I said "I guess I need to look like the other Stepford wives in the neighborhood", he said "I don’t want a Stepford wife." I wonder if it’s because I’d need to shop more or if he thinks the jeans with the knee worn out is ;-}

The cafeteria ladies are great- to us moms who have no information or envelopes when we bring money.


Where I work-isn’t in favor or bartering so stop asking. That is the real price.

I don’t mind you venting- just get it all out in no more than two calls I’m trying to work also.
Department heads- love to vent when they talk to me. I get to say things like - I know honey, I don’t know why, I understand, I . . . a. . . . I wish I could, no that word didn’t offend me .- to a department head while thinking I wonder how many people can hear him I can hear him loudly on this phone.

It’s good to have today off-I’m going to the doctor about my knee pain and I get to have dinner with family and friends.

My house-would be cleaner if I’d clean it

My father celebrated another birthday-my mother threw him his first birthday when they were dating in college. Daddy was always so slow to open gifts as if to rejoice in every moment.
Rejoicing in every moment while opening gifts-Makes kids crazy and wiggly

Giggles-are grand

One of your best friends calling you and you playing phone tag then finally being able to catch up. -a grand thing

Finding out your friend marriage is going well when it was close to disaster- grand

Learning more about God-priceless!

I wrote that before going to the doctor.

My knee is killing me!

I made a decision to get into shape before I turn fifty.

I have time!

I made this big decision as I got myself ready to leave the house I had to drop my daughter off at school go to the bank go to the Boy’s school pay for his lunches go back Miss Little’s school to pay lunches. So there it was while in pain I will live longer!

The doctor twisted and poked then sent me to x-ray. I felt sort of ratish in the maze of buildings on the way to x-ray

I sat in yet another waiting room wondering who writes letters to People Magazine. I don’t read it because I don’t care about who Jennifer is dating and if Mel has wrecked his career. They don’t care about me either so were even.

It was way over an hour wait so I caught up on All My Children, I’m now good for the year.

I forgot to take something to read so I was trying to stay awake.

The thing is that God speaks to us just when were about to drift off.

They called a lady back she seemed a bit younger than me, she looked at her husband and held her hand out for him to join her, she then turned and asked if he could join her, the nurse agreed. She joked about him not being someone she had just picked up. They called an older woman back ,her husband smiled as she walked behind him and leaned over she said I’ll be right back, he told her he’d be waiting and called her by a pet name that I wished I could have heard. The younger woman came out crying her husband seemed to only know to follow her. I prayed for them. When the older lady came out she put her hands gently on his shoulders, he knew her touch. He called her by that pet name again, I couldn’t hear it. I watched as they held hands and walked out. I prayed for them.

I was called I had to lay on a table and hold my knee just right. Pain! I wondered about those other women as I clenched my teeth.

Is it a sisterhood that make women want stop the world to help one another?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Daddy

School is now in full swing. Miss Littles and I were ready. The boys? Not so much. Summer went way too fast for them. For the boy it was because of his mission trip and church camp, for the Daddy his baby girl started first grade. She has really grown this summer and has let go of some of the child in her. She went from Blue’s Clues to High School Musical.

It’s hard for a good Daddy to let a little girl grow up. He seems to want to always see her as his baby girl needing him to protect her from spiders and monsters. First grade is a reminder that soon he’ll be protecting her from boys and more boys. Miss Little is an independent girl she wants to walk into school alone, pick her own clothing, make own choices then snuggle up with us for some love.

I had a wonderful example of what a father should be in my Daddy. He never spanked me, he didn’t have to, I was perfect. Actually my dad can stop me with a look. He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. He has given sound advice when I asked or he decided it was needed. My Daddy worked hard, he didn’t move from job to job he showed us stability. I’ve seen him comfort an upset guinea pig, talk to a little barn owl, listen to a counselor who was ready to yell at the parents, instead he could only sit on the steps and cry. My Daddy spoke softly and gave this man the ability to go back into the room. His laughter and voice rang through the Home the kids there called him Daddy too, I thought it was cool.

My Daddy received a Humanitarian Award from the State of Oklahoma. The night of the ceremony my father was unhappy that he couldn’t watch me preform at the college. He was actually thinking of giving up that wonderful moment to watch me do improve in the coffee house. I was crushed that I couldn’t be with him on such an important night.

Being a Father and being a Daddy are two different things. A father is stoic and formal a Daddy is most likely you guys who read my blog. A Daddy lets his daughter dance to the Stripper for a 4-H play and shoots his riffle when the boys are honking for his daughter who still needs a bit of time to get ready. (Your Daddy didn’t do that?)

The best Daddy is mine. Miss Littles Daddy is a grand second.
I’ll bet you guys are working on being almost as good.

I’m praying for our children as they move into this new school year.

A quick duck for Mommy
By Miss Littles

News flash: I did it!

I finally got a picture up. No didn’t draw it Miss Littles is my artist she insisted on the duck today. Anyone in need of fridge art is welcome to copy it.

This wasn’t my first choice I wanted the butterfly so don’t be surprised if it changes.

The funny thing is that I was so wanting to get it out to someone I tried to come up with reasons to post a comment and the only thing I could think of was "Look what I can do." Not exactly right given some of the subjects. I did pop over to Mr. Mead’s to comment. A busy man like that should be able to cross that off his I wonder list.

Next I tackle the side stuff thingys. :-}

Our Female Polar Bear

Our female Polar Bear Has Died
This is sad news from our zoo.

Our female polar bear has died. Marushka was soon to be 24-years-old. She came from Moscow in 1984. The zoo staff says Marushka may have died from chronic heart disease. The zoo says on average polar bears in captivity can live to be anywhere from their mid-20s to early 30s.

The polar bears are a fun addition to our zoo. I can spend so much time watching them swim in the pool. I hope the male will be able to go on without her.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I’m on day three of a migraine today the pain is just a dull reminder of the others. That’s a good thing I’m at the end of a rope of pain. I just want to curl up in bed and sleep, I need to eat something first. I think according to the lady on the commercial I’ve maxed out on the pills, she doesn’t say if eight is too many or three and reading the bottle when you can’t see too well is impossible. Why doesn’t she just tell us? "If you have taken eight, it’s too many."

I switched pills that way I won’t need to worry. ;-}

I’ve also had to be at work for the last two days . Yes it’s great when you feel like smacking your head with a hammer while taking care of people. I apologized to my boss for not being on my game. He said it was fine. I still did all the side work while the others chatted. Ahhhh!!!! Please don’t do it, let the dizzy girl do the work. As I left my boss said "It’s always a pleasure to work with you."

:-} I needed that.


We are all called to plant a seed in those around us. The cool thing is that we won’t know if it took root. The not knowing isn’t cool, I love knowing that what I said or did made a difference. The cool thing is that if we are doing it right we are tossing seeds ever day and if you toss some and I toss some and they germinate then we have done God will.

Art by Miss Littles

A young lady that I work with talked to two of us about the want to find a church. We could have easily been the "Pushy Christians" ready to pounce on the "non-churched", instead we talked to her about her church background. She didn’t have one. We both invited her to our churches and encouraged her to find one that she likes, one that makes her feel at home. I told her too shop around a bit and that God will put her where she needs to be.

Sunday was her last day to work with us I gave her information, a sermon on CD, some treats from church, and a Bible. She didn’t have a Bible and was excited to receive one. I wrote in it This book will always lead you home.

She said that she had gone to a church and that she liked it.

I may not ever know on this earth what comes of this college bound you lady but I pray that I’m able to pass the Heavenly fruit salad down the table to her some day.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wood, blood, and love

My aunt make quilts. I love them, each one different.

She has a rule about how many she makes for a family. One when you are married, mine is mostly pink and is the wedding ring pattern I think, one when you have a baby my son loves his, that’s all. If you have more children then you must use the baby one she gave you. She made one for my daughter. Each square was hand embroidered with a different nursery rhymes. I believe it won first place at the fair.

I keep my wedding quilt in a hope chest most of the time, it’s so beautiful and special to me.

My son’s is well used and has blood stains from his many sores, it’s so faded from all the washing. He still loves it.

My daughter’s is also put away washing it would surely disturb the work my aunt spent hours doing.

The most special of all of my quilts is the one that was brought to me by my aunt. After my grandmother died she found squares embroidered by my grandmother, my grandmother was a loving woman who enjoyed people and loved to laugh. She had beautiful hair and loved to sit in her rocking chair. The chair where she had once rocked seven of her own children possibly holding two as they died and at least four of her grandchildren. I loved her so much. She loved to tease my stoic grandfather. Yes, I'm told that I'm like her.

When I aunt brought the quilt to me she said I can think of no other to give it to. You and Mom are so alike. The folks at the fair stained the quilt a bit when they hung it on the wood for display. I’d have to take it apart to clean it and I doubt that it would come out nor would I be able to make it look the same I can’t make those stitches look like hers.

In my home are four special quilts two perfect and clean. One stained from the blood of a son and the other stained from the wood.

All of them loved.

John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

(The rocking chair is mine :- )

Monday, August 14, 2006

Join Me
I’m not one for titles because they never actually and completely define who we are. If I had to put a title on myself It might look like this I am a modern Christian Feminist Conservative Democrat with Libertarian views at times Egalitarian on some issues Mom Wife Volunteer Friend Moonpiest who sings loud and off key in my car.

That’s right I’m a CFCDLEMWVFM bad singer.

It occurred to me that not everyone is familiar with the greatness on the Moon Pie. I know it’s a sad thing so I’ve placed a thingy to click to it so that you might understand the true meaning of it’s greatness. Until you actually taste the goodness you can truly not be a real Moonpiest you if I may will only be a Mock Moonpiest .

Have I always been a Moonpiest? Yes, as long as I could eat real foods I was a Moonpiest. My mother was a Moonpiest and possibly her mother I’m not sure. My Grandmother was from Tennessee so I’m sure she knew of the joy.

I have a special place in my heart for miners. Knowing that they named the treat brings tears of joy to my eyes. My uncle was a cole miner. My aunt was proud to be his wife his daughter was . . . . Oops sorry. (A country song took over.)

Taste the goodness sit on the fence with me, become a Moonpies.
The cool kids are doing it.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Left Foot Right Shoe

I don’t like shoes for the most part. I appreciate them and I realize that it’s very hard to get around without the things on your feet, after all I was taught American history so I know all about Valley Forge.

I was born with, as my aunt put it, "feet that had to compromise with each other." They turned in making it a bit difficult to walk. Adding to the fact that I wasn’t like other children I had to wear ugly shoes and walk lines in school. I can pick things up with my toes, yes I have talent. Shoes are something to cover my feet. I was told not to wear high heals EVER. Doctors orders I say to my husband as he smiles and holds up the very stylish high pointy toucher chambers for feet. I have two pairs of boots and three pairs of heals all black. Running shoes, work shoes, and about three pairs of sandals I only really wear the ugly pair that I purchased at a sporting goods store.

My daughters eyes light up at the minor mention of shoes. Do I take her shopping? No way. She is taken quite often by my sister they spend hours in the best shoe stores. Why the best? Because one of her feet turns in a little. My sister insists on the very best for her niece and I step aside for them. My father once made the mistake of taking her to Wal-mart for shoes for the park. She tried on ever thing she could and then went dress shopping.

I have to confess something I can’t stand to touch feet. Baby feet are different. You have to love the little toes. I wasn’t aware of the problem until college. That’s also when my mom noticed a slight speech problem. F and th wiff instead of with once in a while. Thanks for noticing I’ve been talking for a while now. Back to feet. I was in college at a friend’s house, we were all hanging out as we did way too many times when I heard someone say "Now watch" I washed my hands because I touched my shoes and shoe strings. "See she said every time she washes her hands, every time." Isn’t that normal? Shoes touch the ground it's dirty ick. Laces are right with them on the ground ick ick ick.

Here’s a big confession when read that Jesus washed others feet I am touched, very touched. I couldn’t do it. At church when they had events that involved public foot washing or women soaking in water and giving pedicures I become squeamish and repulsed. My friend once looked at me and whispers this is your worst nightmare as the audience was instructed to remove their shoes. The team was one member short on shoes. I looked away I looked at him to remove his shoes I hoped for the shoe fairy to drop a pair from the sky. I gave in they lost I could have shown them how to build a tower of shoes only I would have had to actually touch other peoples shoes.

Don't get me started on socks.

Is it wrong to not be like Jesus by not wanting to wash others feet?

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Today I feel different. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. I’m not sure why. It could be the heat 108 degrees is a bit hot. It could be eating a corn dog and onion rings for lunch. Not enough caffeine, I think as I go for a soda. I want to sleep and eat chocolate. Now some are thinking and it could be I’d need to count we women have that time. It could be that I’m unhappy with my son’s school already and they have yet to start. Summer reading that we weren’t informed of and a book that can’t be found.

It could be all of the above and some of the other things. I so hate myself for this feeling. Others are sitting in the heat because they have nowhere else to be, yet I complained to myself about the A/C in my car wasn’t working properly. My daughter suffers more than us she is in the back in a car seat. She’s a Little still. I looked over as we made our way through traffic at a man holding a sign that said "Anything would help" Look at him he’d rather stand in the heat then get a job I say. I hear "Momma he wants money." From the back seat. My son then starts telling me all the ways we can give through the church. Milly you need to open your eyes today and see how blessed you are. It brings me now to tears thinking of how blessed I am.

My church is in the desert and we are slowly walking out. When we do we will be stronger and more united God is leading us. A background on our church we were the mighty one other churches wanted to model themselves after us they came from far and wide to see how we did it. The dynamic speaker and the large church building. We may have become more about who we are then about God and in God’s wonderful way of being a father He reprimanded us. Now He is ready to lead us as He sees fit. It’s amazing to see Him working in us. We are the church not a building it’s in our hearts.

Picture This

I realize that I can easily over react to things so without a doubt I may right now be doing just that.

I scan a blog once in a while of someone from my church. Sometimes I find it amusing to see the perception of what he thinks happened and what actually happened. They can be very different.
He had linked a photo album with several activities of ours. My thoughts were instantly "Does he have permission to post those?" When my photograph and children’s came up the answer was NOPE.

Is it wrong to do that?

It seems a bit creepy to me, plus it was a very bad picture of me. No one comments on his but he most likely has several readers.

Should you ask before you post a photograph of someone?

Is there a bloging etiquette for this?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Milly is what?

NO! No baby growing in this gal.
One A doctor would be getting a phone call
Two I’d announce big
Three I’d be big
Four The scream would be hear around the world
Five I don’t think my body could do it again
Six I’d be having another six years apart every six years having a baby. No thank you
Seven I’m too darners old
Eight After having a rocky pregnancy the first time, one false pregnancy, and one hard delivery .I’m tired
Nine I have a house payment and a job
Ten The next one should be a grandchild who will call me for fun.

I do love the baby toes. ;-} Photos of Miss Little

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We Should All Be Happy That God Takes Us From A Caterpillar To A Butterfly

To clarify this I did a quick rewrite. Thanks ;-}

Yesterday seemed to have a theme of drama to it at work. Little yaps of Meisms and how someone did someone wrong. I actually covered my ears and said "I don’t want to hear it. La la la" as I escorted a man to where he need to be. I apologized for the behavior of the coworker and myself.

Here’s where my perspective came in yesterday. I spoke to a man who was wearing a shirt from a vender that I once had dealings with, I mentioned the only person in that field that I could remember at the time. Mike died about a year ago and his death still shocks me. He was about my age and a very nice man. Mike was so excited for me when I told him I was pregnant about thriteen years ago. The man that I was speaking to and I were both shocked at the way he died. If it was an accident how stupid we humans are. If it was murder, Why?

I work in a place where homeless and drug addicts are plentiful. Yet we still focus on our own little petty things. I drive past people who live in boxes and under the overpasses.

We are blessed because God allowed us this wonderful life and someday we will all be butterflies in a perfect place.

Fridge art by Miss Little

Monday, August 07, 2006

"Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure."

Jewish saying

The party idea wasn’t just a non thinking event it was also to look at us and see who we are. Yes I was into social psychology in college. The menu reflects who we are in food, where we would find ourselves in my home reflects how we mingle with others.

Danny Kaye wanted to share his cooking skills, where he’s from, and learn. He wants to get to know everyone and have a good time doing it. (Watch out for the heavy traffic if you are playing in the street)

Larry’s culinary skills scare me. Possum fried or in a pie? :-p
Larry wanted a slower game you can talk and relax while playing pool. It’s a great chance to get to know each other.

Andreia wanted to bring things to munch on, she makes herself at home, her quick wit and knowledge would keep you laughing while in the kitchen.

Codepoke wanted beef, he’s cowboy, what else would you put on Milly’s grill? (I use real mesquite wood chips not fake smoke :-} for you sir anything) The Cowboy wants games he wants to be able to laugh and get to know us.

Milly a pasta salad, fresh Oklahoma vegetables, and peach pie from Oklahoma peaches. I love to share the goodness of what God gave us. Salads are like who we are different ingredients and yet when mixed together wonderful.

Where would Milly be?


I want to know you all. I want to laugh with you. I want to play games and sing off key. I want Danny to teach me how to cook lobster and steamers. I want to swap stories, yell like family, and enjoy fellowship.

One thing that I noticed no one chose to sit in the family room to just talk and Codepoke pointed out why. Small Talk. We all get worn out by it. I’ve been in a "trapped" situation on more than one occasion , most of us have. You sit down next to someone and the next thing you know you are listing to things that you can’t just excuse yourself from to go play in the kitchen. You find yourself desperately looking for a hole to escape. I don’t mean to sound uncaring nor am I saying that Codepoke means this. I’m saying it’s a difficult situation that perhaps we unconsciously, except for perchance Codepoke, were avoiding.
This also made me want for a gathering.

Some of the others were gone or didn’t participate we still want them at the gathering of friends, family, and fellowship.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.-- Anonymous

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carte de jour

Cheese,Chips, Salsa, &Tortillas
Pasta salad
Home grown tomatoes & mozzarella cheese topped with balsamic vinegar& olive oil
Kalamata olives

Surf and turf
Garlic butter
Plain Butter

Fresh Corn
Fried Okra
(Something needed to be fried it is Oklahoma)
Larry's Road Kill de jour

Homemade peach cobbler from Oklahoma peaches & Homemade Ice cream.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where ya gonna hang?

Now that the food is coming together. Let’s talk about where you’d spend your time in my home.

I have the Kids Domain up stairs. Video game land (No rated T’s and up the boy won’t play them and if they do have words he doesn’t care for you must turn it down)

Office with computer (You must fix Milly’s blog)

Empty room that should be formal dining room, we aren’t formal folks so it will some day be the Cowboy Room. Leather chairs and so on. (It was a long trip and laying on the floor is a nice way to nap or talk)

Family room that is open to the breakfast room and kitchen. The family room has a sofa and the big chair, it’s where the television is. (Sitting on the couch talking theology is the only way to go. Catch the game? So you know Milly hates the television being on when she’s trying to hang out with friends.)

Breakfast room this is where we eat. It has a table and chairs to make it more convenient for eating. ( Love sitting at the table munching on chips and salsa, Oklahoma and Texas style and talking to friends. You’ll need a drink Gringo.)

Kitchen (Got to be in the middle of the food I learn, they learn, we sing, dance, laugh, and eat. It’s like The Big Chill, we are party central)

Sitting at the bar. (Enjoying the floor show in the kitchen)

Patio with the grill. (That’s the ticket give me an oversized spatula and an apron that says Kiss The Cook )