Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wood, blood, and love

My aunt make quilts. I love them, each one different.

She has a rule about how many she makes for a family. One when you are married, mine is mostly pink and is the wedding ring pattern I think, one when you have a baby my son loves his, that’s all. If you have more children then you must use the baby one she gave you. She made one for my daughter. Each square was hand embroidered with a different nursery rhymes. I believe it won first place at the fair.

I keep my wedding quilt in a hope chest most of the time, it’s so beautiful and special to me.

My son’s is well used and has blood stains from his many sores, it’s so faded from all the washing. He still loves it.

My daughter’s is also put away washing it would surely disturb the work my aunt spent hours doing.

The most special of all of my quilts is the one that was brought to me by my aunt. After my grandmother died she found squares embroidered by my grandmother, my grandmother was a loving woman who enjoyed people and loved to laugh. She had beautiful hair and loved to sit in her rocking chair. The chair where she had once rocked seven of her own children possibly holding two as they died and at least four of her grandchildren. I loved her so much. She loved to tease my stoic grandfather. Yes, I'm told that I'm like her.

When I aunt brought the quilt to me she said I can think of no other to give it to. You and Mom are so alike. The folks at the fair stained the quilt a bit when they hung it on the wood for display. I’d have to take it apart to clean it and I doubt that it would come out nor would I be able to make it look the same I can’t make those stitches look like hers.

In my home are four special quilts two perfect and clean. One stained from the blood of a son and the other stained from the wood.

All of them loved.

John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

(The rocking chair is mine :- )

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Maeghan said...

Hi Milly,
Love the post :)
Some things are really so dear to the heart. The time and the love that went into them make them all truly priceless.