Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Milly is what?

NO! No baby growing in this gal.
One A doctor would be getting a phone call
Two I’d announce big
Three I’d be big
Four The scream would be hear around the world
Five I don’t think my body could do it again
Six I’d be having another six years apart every six years having a baby. No thank you
Seven I’m too darners old
Eight After having a rocky pregnancy the first time, one false pregnancy, and one hard delivery .I’m tired
Nine I have a house payment and a job
Ten The next one should be a grandchild who will call me for fun.

I do love the baby toes. ;-} Photos of Miss Little


Larry said...

Does this definitely mean the thirteen years ago announcement of your pregnancy is now null & void?

Andreia said...

Did I miss something? Is Milly pregnant???

Im kidding! I just had to ask. Hee- This made me laugh. If I found out I was pregnant yet again, I dont know what I would do. Thank GOD for the miracles of modern medicine!

Milly said...

Hee Andreia! I might hear you scream all the way from Texas.