Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carte de jour

Cheese,Chips, Salsa, &Tortillas
Pasta salad
Home grown tomatoes & mozzarella cheese topped with balsamic vinegar& olive oil
Kalamata olives

Surf and turf
Garlic butter
Plain Butter

Fresh Corn
Fried Okra
(Something needed to be fried it is Oklahoma)
Larry's Road Kill de jour

Homemade peach cobbler from Oklahoma peaches & Homemade Ice cream.


Larry said...

Some of my favorite food is on the menu. Thanks for including my donation to the feast; Possum & turf...yummy!!!

As I'm sure you know, selecting the right roadkill can be very difficult, it has to be ran over just the right number of times to get that tenderized effect.

Milly said...

Larry are ya sure ya ain't from Kansas? ;-}