Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We Should All Be Happy That God Takes Us From A Caterpillar To A Butterfly

To clarify this I did a quick rewrite. Thanks ;-}

Yesterday seemed to have a theme of drama to it at work. Little yaps of Meisms and how someone did someone wrong. I actually covered my ears and said "I don’t want to hear it. La la la" as I escorted a man to where he need to be. I apologized for the behavior of the coworker and myself.

Here’s where my perspective came in yesterday. I spoke to a man who was wearing a shirt from a vender that I once had dealings with, I mentioned the only person in that field that I could remember at the time. Mike died about a year ago and his death still shocks me. He was about my age and a very nice man. Mike was so excited for me when I told him I was pregnant about thriteen years ago. The man that I was speaking to and I were both shocked at the way he died. If it was an accident how stupid we humans are. If it was murder, Why?

I work in a place where homeless and drug addicts are plentiful. Yet we still focus on our own little petty things. I drive past people who live in boxes and under the overpasses.

We are blessed because God allowed us this wonderful life and someday we will all be butterflies in a perfect place.

Fridge art by Miss Little


Larry said...

Unfortunately I'm still an ugly caterpillar trying to grow wings like a beautiful butterfly, but it's a slow torturous journey.

My mirror continues to reflect the caterpillar, but like you wrote; "we will all be butterflies in a perfect place."

Danny Kaye said...

I'm with Larry on this one.

I love how much I have changed so far. But Scripture teaches that for now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. (1 John 3:2)

Now THAT fires me up!

Maeghan said...

Love the butterfly picture! You've got an artist there :) And I didn't
know you are pregnant! Congrats!

Danny Kaye said...

Leave it to the ladies to catch on the the pregnancy announcement!

Sorry for shutting my brain off, Milly.


Milly said...

Whoo! Hey! Nope not pregnant yiks at my age! No thank ya! I would not be laughing and the husband would be at the doctors again.

Wow I so need to reread what I wrote. Mike wanted to be a part of it years ago so he keep me in the healthy fruits. I had tons of it more than I could eat. It was some time ago that he died.

Man I about fell over on this one. Gave the heart a jump.