Friday, August 11, 2006

Left Foot Right Shoe

I don’t like shoes for the most part. I appreciate them and I realize that it’s very hard to get around without the things on your feet, after all I was taught American history so I know all about Valley Forge.

I was born with, as my aunt put it, "feet that had to compromise with each other." They turned in making it a bit difficult to walk. Adding to the fact that I wasn’t like other children I had to wear ugly shoes and walk lines in school. I can pick things up with my toes, yes I have talent. Shoes are something to cover my feet. I was told not to wear high heals EVER. Doctors orders I say to my husband as he smiles and holds up the very stylish high pointy toucher chambers for feet. I have two pairs of boots and three pairs of heals all black. Running shoes, work shoes, and about three pairs of sandals I only really wear the ugly pair that I purchased at a sporting goods store.

My daughters eyes light up at the minor mention of shoes. Do I take her shopping? No way. She is taken quite often by my sister they spend hours in the best shoe stores. Why the best? Because one of her feet turns in a little. My sister insists on the very best for her niece and I step aside for them. My father once made the mistake of taking her to Wal-mart for shoes for the park. She tried on ever thing she could and then went dress shopping.

I have to confess something I can’t stand to touch feet. Baby feet are different. You have to love the little toes. I wasn’t aware of the problem until college. That’s also when my mom noticed a slight speech problem. F and th wiff instead of with once in a while. Thanks for noticing I’ve been talking for a while now. Back to feet. I was in college at a friend’s house, we were all hanging out as we did way too many times when I heard someone say "Now watch" I washed my hands because I touched my shoes and shoe strings. "See she said every time she washes her hands, every time." Isn’t that normal? Shoes touch the ground it's dirty ick. Laces are right with them on the ground ick ick ick.

Here’s a big confession when read that Jesus washed others feet I am touched, very touched. I couldn’t do it. At church when they had events that involved public foot washing or women soaking in water and giving pedicures I become squeamish and repulsed. My friend once looked at me and whispers this is your worst nightmare as the audience was instructed to remove their shoes. The team was one member short on shoes. I looked away I looked at him to remove his shoes I hoped for the shoe fairy to drop a pair from the sky. I gave in they lost I could have shown them how to build a tower of shoes only I would have had to actually touch other peoples shoes.

Don't get me started on socks.

Is it wrong to not be like Jesus by not wanting to wash others feet?


Kansas Bob said...

You don't need to touch people's feet to wash them.

Andreia said...

I think that using your hair is a good way to do it!

Milly said...

Ick! Honestly can't think about it. I don’t even like to look at others bare feet.

DugALug said...


It's all relative. I'd rather wash feet then say... die on the cross.

Forutunately God did both for us!

God Bless

Milly said...

Amen to that.