Monday, August 21, 2006


We are all called to plant a seed in those around us. The cool thing is that we won’t know if it took root. The not knowing isn’t cool, I love knowing that what I said or did made a difference. The cool thing is that if we are doing it right we are tossing seeds ever day and if you toss some and I toss some and they germinate then we have done God will.

Art by Miss Littles

A young lady that I work with talked to two of us about the want to find a church. We could have easily been the "Pushy Christians" ready to pounce on the "non-churched", instead we talked to her about her church background. She didn’t have one. We both invited her to our churches and encouraged her to find one that she likes, one that makes her feel at home. I told her too shop around a bit and that God will put her where she needs to be.

Sunday was her last day to work with us I gave her information, a sermon on CD, some treats from church, and a Bible. She didn’t have a Bible and was excited to receive one. I wrote in it This book will always lead you home.

She said that she had gone to a church and that she liked it.

I may not ever know on this earth what comes of this college bound you lady but I pray that I’m able to pass the Heavenly fruit salad down the table to her some day.

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