Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The mother of all questions

Tonight while on our way to church my daughter asked the question.
We all know it’s gonna happen, we think about our answers, we try to prepare ourselves, we want to be the cool parents with the great answer.

Momma how do babies get in a momma's tummy?

Being cool and all I responded like this :
Well a . . .a. . ..a .. .well. . .a. . . .

Oh Snap!
I’m not ready!

I’m looking back at that Little’s face. She has a questioning look.
This ain’t go’n away.

I look at my husband.

He’s no help.

What do you want to know?
Never give them more than they want to know.

My son, being almost 14 and thinking he’s ever so funny tells her this
"Babies are bought in a kit from Sears and assembled at home."

Good a distraction!
That's my boy!

My husband tells DK his was missing a few parts.

I said he was on clearance.

That’s right make her laugh then she’ll dismiss it from her mind.

I close my eyes and hope she has forgotten the original question.

I know that babies are in a mommy’s tummy but I just don’t get how they get there.

Think. . . Milly. . . .think.

Do you say well the daddy takes his. . . . a. . . .. Er . .. .. the mommy. . . .a. . . ??????

Your husband is no help at all.
Note to self: Remember to get even some how some day.

I’ve had to handle both kids asking me about this stuff and the boy knew the words for stuff, all of our stuff. Having a tween say mom it says your . . . . .well you get the idea.

You’re still too young to know this stuff." Comes from the back of the van.
Note to self: Check in with the boy to see if he needs to talk about stuff.

It’s SUPER MOM time! That’s right I had to dawn the special mom outfit and tell her this: "Mommy’s and daddy’s come together in a special way so that mommy’s can have babies in there tummies."

Turn your head fast SUPER MOM, look away and hope that it was enough for now!
She’s only seven.
What does a seven year old need to know?

I have to say that I didn’t want to say that God puts those little babies in a mommy’s tummy. I want to tell her the truth and I don’t believe that having a baby is always a gift from God. I do think that it can become a wonderful gift, I just don’t think that all circumstances are gifts from God.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm say'n back at ya

I believe in laughter. I just have a different sense of humor.
Those meeting sure are mind numbing.

Yes spider killing is a result of the fall.
It’s one of those things that was omitted from the bible. I did the research.
And the man shall killith the spiders every day even the Sabbath. All spiders that come into the man’s home are fair game and must be killed.
Yea for the girls teaching the boy to do the killing. So it is written so it shall be done.
Yes you can have ice cream. This is my husband’s grandmother’s recipe.

Simmer down and get off my tail. ;-}
Some of these folks don’t care what lane you’re in they want to be all over you. The thing is that they usually have ample space to pass. I was hit rather hard from behind so I’m not ever gonna hit the brakes.
I didn’t hit the brakes that night, the dude was speeding and slammed into my moving car.

I am that voice.
I stared blogging because I need others to talk to.
I’m more than just a one person voice.

Thanks Preacherman.
I Heart you.

Can’t wait to see you’ll at the fish fry. Grace could get bit by those sneaky critters.
I’m not paying for XM radio.
I just let it go a few days ago and I don’t miss it at all.

Did you really think it funny?
Was I trying to be funny?
I guess if everyone thinks it’s funny then I wanted it to be funny. *-*
You know I wanted to be funny.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I was thinking. . . . .

Is laugher needed?
Yes, I think it is. I come from a family that gives me a lot to laugh about and at. God must have been tickled when He created the lot of us.

Tonight at work I asked "Are people dumber lately?"
Yes, they are.
Is it the weather?
Nothing personal but some of them couldn’t perform the slightest tasks.

Do church meetings make you as crazy as they do me?
I wanted to jab a plastic fork into my head after listening to some of those guys talk.
Tell me I’m not alone in this.
Let's see a show of hands.

Why do people think it’s ok to get on my bumper so that they can pass me?
Do they not know that I freak out?
I want to hit the breaks but know all to well that being hit from behind hurts me and my car.
So just pass me already.

We don’t buy it when a radio station tells us over and over again that it plays more music and has less talk.
I want to call them.
I think it would go like this
"Hello, I’m in my car on my way to work and I think that if you’d actually shut up and play the music instead of telling me that you are going to shut up and play the music that I could listen to the music, if you don’t shut up soon I will be putting my Grey’s Anatomy CD on."
I want music on my way to work not your rumblings"

I’d love to be a DJ

If I were a DJ I’d get a lot of calls.

They would ask me to please. . .
shut up.

I can’t drink and drive.
I spill and. . . .
the car is new.

I say I'm reading a book in these parts.
Now I have homework.
No pressure here.

I wonder why God created slugs?

I’d go screaming from a room if a spider were in it.

I’d pick up a snake and take it outside.

Men should kill the spiders, I think it says that in the bible.

I know it says something about us gals and a snake.

I should make an apple pie soon. ;-}

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jammet I don't wanna smile

I’m, for the most part, a very happy person. Once awake I’m ready to tackle stuff head on. At work I smile and play but today while on my way to the job I noticed the car in front of me. It sent me over the edge, come on folks you have to do the right thing you can’t just drive like that. BTW I do look at what I’m aiming at.

The tail gate of this huge vehicle had a fish with a cross on one side, a God Bless America license plate holder, and a smiley face on the other side. All I could think of was "What on earth are these people thinking?" I wanted to aim my new car at them just to see the reaction on their faces when they pulled over to deal with the "accident" wink wink..

I wonder if they would get out nicely and be all:

"Are you ok? Golly gosh that was scary. I’m so glad that you’re alright. That’s what’s the most important thing being alright right Noah?" They became Amish for some reason in my head yes that’s right Amish Emergent . "Golly I was just sitting there in my big old car quilting for the poor when your car hit us, I’m so shocked please have some jam. Lets just let it go and you take care. Hugs. This bread goes with the jam so nicely"

I’d be all like this:

"Yep I was driving along and noticed that you were speeding with that fish and cross on your car and thought wow they are sinning but ok we all go over once in a while so I’ll let it slide. I really had no problem with God bless America I’d prefer God bless the world but ok we are all about America. Hmmm those car parts say made in China. Oh well God Bless America.. Nice quilt, thanks for the bread and jam glad this jar didn’t break and I’m so sorry that I put my car into the back of your car. . . . it’s just that the darn smiley face put me over the edge. Have a nice day."

Instead of causing a jam up on the road I drove to work wondering why the smiley face. Who is it for?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flower Power

By Miss Littles

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where the heck have I been?

I have been at work and dealing with the guys in my home working on stuff and trying to read some of your stuff and working on slides for church. . . . .and taking care of life stuff.

I finished the slides early !!!!!!!
(If I don’t receive changes)

I’m still around I’m just a busy lady at the moment.

Have a Happy!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

She Questioned Her Own

I have not read all that Mother Teresa wrote and all that has been written about her.

I had to take Miss Littles to the doctor today because she has an ear infection after waiting my hour past my appointment time I we were led to the little room I looked around for better magazines to look at while she played with the puzzles. I found a news magazine in the rack and started scanning the Mother Teresa article. I read a quote saying she wanted all the letter burned. Wow so now I’m thinking we are invading her privacy. I only scanned but as I did I began to think that the invasion is not without merit. We are thought of in this world as those who should walk around with a "I love Jesus smile" plastered on our faces. Personally I only know one man who has that look and it’s real, not like the fake dudes on TV. I knew a woman who always carried that smile, she’s now with Jesus. For the rest of us we struggle with unanswered questions, self doubt, unworthiness, depression, addiction, and so on.

Mother Teresa was in places that we have and most likely never see. She didn’t watch the horrific scenes in her church on a big projection screen, turning away if it seemed too much. Then dropping a few bucks in a basket to ease our minds. She was there she lived it, she smelled it, she touched it. Her questions are the same that any of us might have had after spending time helping people and never seeing an end.

I didn’t see where she had questioned God’s faith, she questioned her own.

We held this woman in high esteem and we praised her for her giving so selflessly. What a burden we must have placed on her shoulders, not that she was ever on Oprah complaining.
She had to sit with the wealthy to get donations for her works, I wonder if she ever wanted to shake some of them for the way that they lived or was she so special so loving that she knew that even money doesn’t solve poverty of the soul.

After reading more of her I feel closer to God, I’m lifted knowing that this woman shared some of the same thoughts that we have because this extraordinary woman was after all, human, just as we are.