Monday, September 17, 2007

Jammet I don't wanna smile

I’m, for the most part, a very happy person. Once awake I’m ready to tackle stuff head on. At work I smile and play but today while on my way to the job I noticed the car in front of me. It sent me over the edge, come on folks you have to do the right thing you can’t just drive like that. BTW I do look at what I’m aiming at.

The tail gate of this huge vehicle had a fish with a cross on one side, a God Bless America license plate holder, and a smiley face on the other side. All I could think of was "What on earth are these people thinking?" I wanted to aim my new car at them just to see the reaction on their faces when they pulled over to deal with the "accident" wink wink..

I wonder if they would get out nicely and be all:

"Are you ok? Golly gosh that was scary. I’m so glad that you’re alright. That’s what’s the most important thing being alright right Noah?" They became Amish for some reason in my head yes that’s right Amish Emergent . "Golly I was just sitting there in my big old car quilting for the poor when your car hit us, I’m so shocked please have some jam. Lets just let it go and you take care. Hugs. This bread goes with the jam so nicely"

I’d be all like this:

"Yep I was driving along and noticed that you were speeding with that fish and cross on your car and thought wow they are sinning but ok we all go over once in a while so I’ll let it slide. I really had no problem with God bless America I’d prefer God bless the world but ok we are all about America. Hmmm those car parts say made in China. Oh well God Bless America.. Nice quilt, thanks for the bread and jam glad this jar didn’t break and I’m so sorry that I put my car into the back of your car. . . . it’s just that the darn smiley face put me over the edge. Have a nice day."

Instead of causing a jam up on the road I drove to work wondering why the smiley face. Who is it for?


laymond said...

Milly; probally not the way they would respond, just guessing but probally some profanity and threats would be the norm.

Milly said...

Are you say'n we can't judge a book by its cover?
Then why cover that book?

Mark said...

Hmm, a little passive aggressive behavior, who would of thought it possible!

smith said...

Cana you judge any book or magazine from its cover? Its contents, style, text. Sometimes it is difficult, and we can be wrong.