Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The mother of all questions

Tonight while on our way to church my daughter asked the question.
We all know it’s gonna happen, we think about our answers, we try to prepare ourselves, we want to be the cool parents with the great answer.

Momma how do babies get in a momma's tummy?

Being cool and all I responded like this :
Well a . . .a. . ..a .. .well. . .a. . . .

Oh Snap!
I’m not ready!

I’m looking back at that Little’s face. She has a questioning look.
This ain’t go’n away.

I look at my husband.

He’s no help.

What do you want to know?
Never give them more than they want to know.

My son, being almost 14 and thinking he’s ever so funny tells her this
"Babies are bought in a kit from Sears and assembled at home."

Good a distraction!
That's my boy!

My husband tells DK his was missing a few parts.

I said he was on clearance.

That’s right make her laugh then she’ll dismiss it from her mind.

I close my eyes and hope she has forgotten the original question.

I know that babies are in a mommy’s tummy but I just don’t get how they get there.

Think. . . Milly. . . .think.

Do you say well the daddy takes his. . . . a. . . .. Er . .. .. the mommy. . . .a. . . ??????

Your husband is no help at all.
Note to self: Remember to get even some how some day.

I’ve had to handle both kids asking me about this stuff and the boy knew the words for stuff, all of our stuff. Having a tween say mom it says your . . . . .well you get the idea.

You’re still too young to know this stuff." Comes from the back of the van.
Note to self: Check in with the boy to see if he needs to talk about stuff.

It’s SUPER MOM time! That’s right I had to dawn the special mom outfit and tell her this: "Mommy’s and daddy’s come together in a special way so that mommy’s can have babies in there tummies."

Turn your head fast SUPER MOM, look away and hope that it was enough for now!
She’s only seven.
What does a seven year old need to know?

I have to say that I didn’t want to say that God puts those little babies in a mommy’s tummy. I want to tell her the truth and I don’t believe that having a baby is always a gift from God. I do think that it can become a wonderful gift, I just don’t think that all circumstances are gifts from God.


Scott Roche said...

Ya done good. You anwered the question with minimal info and tastefully.

karen said...

I've blanked that part of my mommyhood from my mind. . .
you did good.

Mark said...

"Your husband is no help at all.
Note to self: Remember to get even some how some day."
I thought was your daily goal?

Tell her the truth, 7 is the new 11, there are some great books that can help, get one and sit her down. (And yeah the boy should have had this talk a few years ago, he may think he knows, but, you know how the rumors in Junior high were, make JK have that talk. (Thats one way to get even)
What the worse case, she scared of sex tell she's 30? Not a bad deal! (Or ask big sis to do it!)

Milly said...

Ummm big sis! Heh! DK asked when I was in the hospital having Miss Littles, wow was that way off. I had to do major damage control. Never agree when the facts are wrong.

DK says he isn't ready for that talk yet so I respect that.

As for telling her everything Mark you know how social she is! I don’t have the time for that call
Yes your daughter announced to the class that Daddy put his *****in your ******and then he . . . . .The kid would tell it all and might try drawing a picture or two.

salguod said...

My philosophy is that I want them to hear it from me first. I want the speculation of their friends to be measured against my teachign, not the other way around. That means they get told early.

My youngest is 8 and she knows it all.

Now, a friend's kid (from church!), who's 8-ish, decided to tell our girls exactly what happens. He was a little off, however. :-P

Mark said...

She will hear from some where,

pearlie said...

Hi Milly,
Good answer! I did not do so well! haha

Do you remember commenting in my blog on my post where my son started asking about birds and the bees? I think Alex's, a pediatrician, advice is good and may be helpful: "no, it is not too soon. Try to understand from his point of view. He hears a lot of stuff from his friends and see some on television and the movies.
It is good that he asks you. Understand what he is actually asking and give him facts that he can understand at his level. Speak of it matter-of-factly rather than being embarrassed."

Kansas Bob said...

Excellent response Milly ... looks like she has been thinkin on that a bit ... maybe God is letting you know that you need to be ready a bit sooner than you thought :)

Patchouli said...

When my girls asked me these questions, I answered like you did and waited. Every one of them was satisfied until they were older and asked more detailed questions. Sometimes I did tell them the same thing that Corrie Ten Boom's father told her: she asked him about a poem she had heard--"what is sexsin?"
He responded by asking her to carry his suitcase. Of course it was too heavy for her, and she said so. Sometimes knowledge is the same way, too heavy for a little one. Let me carry that for you until you are old enough.
And THAT has worked, too.
TRUST LOVE RESPECT--you've got it going on...

laymond said...

Milly , can't help you out here. I don't fully understand it myself :)

Lynne said...

I was a wimp of a mother. I gave my kids books on the subject. When they were just readers I gave them "The Wonderful way babies are made" (forget the author) which gave very simple info in simple language with big print, and more details at the bottom of each page in smaller print at a more advanced reading level. When they hit about 10 I gave each of them a copy of Dobson's book Preparing for adolescence (or some name like that) .. the only Dobson book I actually endorse.

harland said...

You should do such a thing. Good you did it.