Monday, January 05, 2015

I work with special kids

Now I’m back. I’ve missed being here; I hope that you enjoy what I have to say.

I work with special needs teens, something that in no way would surprise my family. My Grandmother was one of the first teachers in our area to teach special needs kids in a classroom. My dad worked with juveniles in trouble. I stared by working as an in-home therapist with autistic children.

 I loved my job. It was different every day, new challenges new struggles, and lots of love. The hardest part of it all was the parent’s struggles. Moms that shut it all out, a mom who took the brunt of it all on herself, dads that worked late or went out of town a lot, not all of them mind you, some came in the house with a smile as if all was great. I can’t imagine what like was like at times for these parents but I saw the struggles up-close, in seeing those struggles I have a very different view then some of my team members have. When conversations come up about why a parent might have sent a child to school that morning, I have some insight. Some days a parent can take no more. I try not to judge a family; I got to leave a client’s house with the knowledge that I could find peace at home.

The parents of special needs kids have a lot going on and it goes on every moment in their lives. They don’t just wake up and take the kids without a much planned out day with how to do recon and recovery. Along the way were tears and laughs when I did in-home, most of all love. Some parents are working hard to prepare for their child’s future while others seem to just be treading water, they are just doing what the know to do.

My job is wonderful. I was hugged so many times today; I laughed, and did productive things. At the end of my day I was glad to go home to spend time with my children. I have one in college and one in high school, my life is blessed.