Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love socks of monkey

Monday I wore my sock monkey socks so you know all went well.

On my dashboard I placed the picture K gave me when we visited OKC and something Miss Littles gave me from church. I read a few lines from the book I was reading while listening to the local Christian station. Talked to God and went into the office. We walked across the street talking all the way about life, changes, and just stuff.

What I heard was heartbreaking and soon in will come to pass.

I wore my Sock Monkey socks that G gave me so you know I had love at my feet.

God is sending me those who will give love and prayers.

Thank you Mark, K, and G love ya!

Thank you to all who are pray'n


karen said...

You got more than love at just your feet, sister.

Missy said...

Kiki speaks the truth. :)

I need me some of them Sock Monkey socks.