Sunday, November 02, 2008

A song is ringing in my head today.

You take the good you take the bad and there you have the facts of life.

Church was great this morning I felt the songs and enjoyed the minister. One of the men could see it in my eyes and I could see it in his as he took my hand to his cheek. Sadness. It’s hard to hide it some days but we try. His wife is ill, just getting to church is hard for the two of them. I adore those people.

I’ll come out stronger my children won’t.

Good you ask?

Where is the good?

I have wonderful people, some take my hand to their faces when I hug them. They show me thir eyes, the eyes of Jesus.

I received a call tonight saying that my dad had gone forward. My heart stopped and panic set in I began to question my cousin as to where they had taken him. She said no he is going forward in church. my dad took the dip.

God never said Milly life will be a peach for you He just promised to be there every moment of the day.

So I take the good and I take the bad as I hold His hand and He takes it to His cheek.

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