Friday, August 03, 2007

I got a pod

My new toy.


Step 4:
Sync Your iPod and charge the battery.

Step 1:
Install the software

Step 2:
Connect iPod and follow the set up assistant.

Ummmm am I missing something?
Are these written a bit odd?
Should step 4 be step 1?
Am I not geeky enough to get this process?


salguod said...

Your iPod and your PC don't speak the same language. The software you install is sort of the translator that allows them to talk to each other (sync).

So, unless the software is installed first, you can't sync.

Danny Kaye said...

Are you saying that the steps in the instruction book come in the order you listed?

I can only attribute this to Steve Jobs' desire to be a nonconformist!

Other than that, I have no idea why they would do it that way.

(PS: thanks for the link you sent. I stopped by and added my "two cents." heh-heh)

Anonymous said...

Milly, "sync it" just means "plug it in"

Once you have it set up, it will read your computer and loan your music automatically.

Kansas Bob said...

Well Milly from Oklahoma, I'm not sure that I'm now cool enough to comment at your place ... don't have an iPod and probably won't get one. But, even as cool as you are, I think that you'll stay humble enough for me to drop a few comments :)

Bob from Kansas

Milly said...

No the steps weren't in that order. I'm just saying it was odd most thing you charge then add.

I got this one because my son wanted to play with it too. We are about to attempt our first down load.

You're my peeps of course your cool enough.

Mark said...

How many GB? Is it a nano or a shuffle? details!

Milly said...

It's the 30 GB video. Like in the picture

Missy said...

Cool! Santa loaded mine up for me (it's only a nano). Hope I never get interested in anything other than the 330 songs I now have...

Hope you're having fun with it!

harland said...

"Sync it" means making the contents of both the devices the same.
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