Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some nights my prayers feel like I’m listening to a Ken Nordin radio show.

This is a post that I wrote on Mon 13th, of March 2006
I was visiting Pearlie and discussing prayer.

I’ll be in bed talking to God then a noise will interrupt me, and I’ll wonder what it was . . .Is it the children? No. . . . Where was I? Praying, that’s right praying. The husband is snoring, . . .That noise again . . . Is it the dog? No . . . Here we go . . . Lord please . . . My husband had garlic for dinner, I’ll roll away from that odor. There goes the dryer. I need to fold those now so they don’t wrinkle. Does my son have clean jeans? That’s it now focus! I’ll yell in my head. Lord please forgive me for my lack of focus. I know that you want me to keep my . . . Was that the toilet flushing? Is someone sick? Lord Please forgive me of my sins . . . Did my son pack all of his stuff for school?

Ah hh . . . Why can’t I relax?I need to sit in front of my Bible open it and pray that God puts the scriptures in my brain so that on those garlic laced, toilet flushing, dog growling, dryer buzzing nights I can Be Still And Know That He Is God.

I whisper to myself just relax God is waiting for you to relax and talk to Him. I try again. Lord please keep my children safe at school . . . and so on.

Sometimes I have to admit I end up falling asleep before I have even finished my chat on what I want and /or need.. Some days I realize I haven’t taken the time to talk to God. I love the Sara Groves song “How Is It Between Us?” It’s not that I’ve forgotten Him. It’s that I have forgotten to go to Him today. No, I don’t believe it’s the same thing. I believe it’s us not stopping, not being still, us being Ken Nordinish, Music playing, someone talking, more music a different tune, water, more people talking someone whispering all at the same time. . . .

. . . .And standing with a smile and incredible smile is GOD being still and waiting for us to be still and talk to Him.
How it is between us
Album: Conversations
Artist: Sara Groves
Woke up on the wrong side of the bed,the wrong side of the room,the wrong side of the world.
Can’t put my finger on the mood.It’s not melancholy, anger or the blues.
I love my husband, my house, my job.
Couldn’t be any better,and really what else is there?
Then I realize I’m forgetting God,and that’s the root of all my misery.
Lord, first of all, how is it between you and me?
How is it between us?
How is it between us?
When did I talk to you last,and what has happened since?
How is it between us?
How is it between us?
When did I talk to you last, and what has happened?
When I wake up I am on my way,reinventing the wheel and saving the day.
I have learned this lesson a thousand times,I am the branch, and you are the vine.
Apart from you we are mice and men,with our fancy dreams of grandeur and no way to get there.
Oh I can think about you now and then,or I can make a mark on eternity.
Lord first of all, how is it, between you and me?
So let the wicked prosper, let the oceans roar,let the mountains crumble, and fall into the sea.
There’s something more important weighing on my mind.
Lord first of all, how is it between you and me?


Mark said...

I suspect he knows that you are trying, and that means evertything

pearlie said...

haha ... me too!

I am working on another post entitled, "The Language of Prayer" -- but I haven't got really started on it yet. I was still thinking about the "The Logic of Prayer" but I think the language is also important, how should we speak to him, what words to use. When I pray in private, I use words of the heart but when I pray in public, I tend to use the words of the mind, which is why I do not prefer to pray in public.

Ah, prayer ... so crucial, yet so difficult when we really get to it.

harland said...

You are falling too much into emptions.