Sunday, July 15, 2007

I try

I try I honestly try to be a nice person. Lately it’s been taking a bit more effort then usual. You know I love how people are for the most part. They tickle me with the way they can act at times.

It seems lately that I’m being tested. Earlier this month I was training a woman that the crew dubbed "Twitchy" she’s called that because she acted as if she were tweaking, you may not know what that means, she looked like she was in need of a score of her drug of choice. I was training for the second day and she was twitching and not understanding it very well, I work in a high stress area so I understand that it may take a bit to be on every need quickly. I sat behind her watching and helping one of my bosses was standing next to me and we were talking. I look at this wiggling woman and told her to try to anticipate what the needs of the customers are. Keep an eye out for those with heavy or bulky items. She looked at me and said it’s too much she quit. The boss and I said ok. She then preceded to tell one of the other newbees that she was left there alone. I was about a two feet or so away from her. Had she shown any amount of potential I would have tried to convince her to take a break and try again.

This weekend I had a huffer trying to score a can of silver spray paint. No big thing, they pay and go and I say a prayer in my head that they stop. This one was hard he had trouble counting his money and preceded to ask folks for money. I had no choice but to tell him sternly that he couldn’t do that. I then called my MOD to escort him out. He paid and escorted out. How far this man has fallen from his moments. I was a surprised at how hard that hit me. I was so stern with him I felt as if I gave him no grace at all, I know it’s my job to stop him from bothering people but he is a man.

The doctor’s office called and left a message for me to call back. I knew when my husband told me to call his nurse back that something wasn’t good about my x-rays. Now I get to see another doctor. I also get to take several pills a day for pain.

Those pain pills knock me funny and loopy. Last night was movie night and we got to bed rather late. I took the pills and fell to sleep when I woke I felt like I was in a fog but still I had to be in church to help plus I needed to take the kids because my husband had to be in even earlier. I took the am pill after I ate and waited for it to level a bit. I was slow at the slides and a bit giggley. When I walked my daughter to class I noted that my sister wasn’t in class yet so I checked on her and began to set up for her. I then walked back to the booth my husband looked at me and said you look as if you’re going to pass out go home and sleep. That I did until it was time for work.

I arrived at work to find a huge mess and no one really caring. Then I had to train another new person this one wanted to read magazines and talk to the guys that were hanging around the pretty new girl. When she was working she wasn’t paying attention to what was going on and several times I had to ask her to stop pushing buttons. I did ask her to help at one point interrupting her reading I knew it was going to buy me time until I could get to the woman to actually help her. The girl walked away without a word and went on break, my boss called me to tell me she was in the break room. She told my boss I didn’t want her around. My boss told her I just needed her to help instead of reading a magazine. My mood got better once things were cleaner and the girl was gone. I even at one point apologized for the mood. I let her know I hated seeing a mess like that. Here’s a kicker this one was hired to me one of my bosses and as I asked her boss "How much respect do you think I have right now for her?"

"Oh none" was the answer

I had a couple of fun guys in tonight so that helped.

TGIM I’m ready for a better week.


Mark said...

Hanging in there kiddo! Let me know the report on the x-ray. We will be out of state for a few days, Wend-Sat, so send me an email.

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing this:

"It seems lately that I’m being tested."

Rejoice Milly (and Bob) because that testing is producing endurance :)

byevad said...

Hang in there Mil-Gurl!

Keep trying. Don't give up based on other people's actions. That is the easy way out. Believe me, I know!

Thanks for sharing your struggle and for being a source of light out in the world!