Monday, July 09, 2007


I believe that each of us have different feelings on who gets our respect and how they earn it.
My bosses come with an amount of respect because they are my bosses. If they make a choice to do something to take some of that respect away then they naturally lose some respect from me.

I thought about the guys that I’ve been attracted to in the past and what attracted me to them and why.

My father worked and he worked hard. He didn’t job hop we never worried about what dad was going to have to do to keep us fed. Dad also worked odd jobs for extra money. He hunted and fished not just because he enjoyed those thing but to help keep his family fed.

When I look back at the guy I dated in high school he was a hard worker. BS was in college with a full time job. He was working on his pilot’s licence and loved jumping out of airplanes. He played french horn with the symphony, played basketball with the guys at his church, ran several miles every morning then went home and cooked breakfast for himself. Most of all he knew God.

Two of guys I dated in college worked one had a welding business in high school the other worked to help support his parents. Both knew God.

BK is a man with a brilliant mind he worked hard to get where he is today. He was a sweet man.
T worked a full time job, owned his own business, and was in the reserve. Yes he went to war. T hated not working it made him feel as if he wasn’t a man if he wasn’t working.

Then there is my husband a man who works hard. He was going to college and working when I met him. He got a job with the company shortly after we met, he got the job because he called them several times until they put him to work. The man would get up every morning go to work then come home shove food down, shower, and dash off to school. We spent weekends with me reading his text books and quizzing him. When we’d drive to my parents house I had the book in my hands reading them to him. He spends several hours a week in the church fixing things helping to set up for worship. He goes to friends houses to help them. He loves to have friends from church in our home.

See the man works hard something that my dad did.

But work isn’t enough is it a paycheck doesn’t listen to you children. That almighty dollar doesn’t tickle the giggle kids. It doesn’t lay in bed at night with me listening to my fears or my joys.

You must have balance he has to be a man who wants to seek God. He has to be a man who loves me, who respects me. One who will love and support in all ways his family.
That’s a man who has my respect.

I’ve spent some time reading some of you guys and I’ve gotten to know a couple of you you have my respect. Keep being good dads.


Danny Kaye said...


I freely confess that for most of my life I was a Maynard G. Krebs kind of guy. Seriously alergic to!

(If you are a Dobie Gillis fan, you would get that little joke.)

But I have had to fight and wrestle with my character in order to change...and, with the help of God, I believe I have changed. There is something about having a wonderful family, a serious desire for fellowship, a full time job, school, and any attempt at sleep, that forces a guy to push through the desire for leisure alone and be productive.

I admire everyone, like your husband, whose character is such that there is no hint of laziness. I dream of being that person.

(Actually, because I am the type of person who would rather watch movies all day long, the dream of actually being that ambitious is pretty scary!)

Kansas Bob said...

Ditto to your thoughts on work Milly! I used to tell my son that I really didn't believe in the gold standard because I believe in the work standard ... work brings value to money not gold!

Missy said...

Well, I'm lazy and my hubby has a tendency towards workaholism. Together we are balanced - right? He is a great dad, and there are quite a few good ones out there. It's a blessing and those that need them sure do notice.