Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I could end the world?!?

I’ve been told on more then one occasion this:


Wow now I want to push that button to test that theory.

Isn’t that just asking a person like me to vote for her?

Think about it I’m standing there and that little voice says "The world will end if you mark that ballot and Hillary wins."

A smile creeps over my face as I mark the rooster.




laymond said...

Milly, I suggest everyone get prepared, because its gonna happen. Elected that is, thank God because only a woman can clean up the mess we are in, Is that sexest, do you think? Oh well my mom said it took her all day to clean, what it took me an hour to mess up. So I come by it naturally.

Mark said...

Stamp the rooster till it crows! Baby!

salguod said...

Milly, I tried to resist, but I couldn't. :-P

The truth of the matter is that the world will end if you vote for McCain. Honest! :-D

Now, let's see, wha's that stupid word I've gotta type in ...psnnpv. Why do they have to scrunch all the letters so close to gether?!?

salguod said...

Oooh! This word is even better:


Sheesh ...

Danny Kaye said...

I refuse to believe that the world will end if Shrill-Hill is elected. (Or McCain, for that matter.) I don't believe that one person has the ability to do that.


I do believe that a socialist/communist will destroy America if give free reign. And Shrill-Hill is both of those.

Nope...give me a capitalist anyday.

Scott Roche said...

Okay I love you Danny, but you should really tell me why you think she's a socialist/communist. And it'll take more to convince me than "It takes a village" and her stance on meds.

Danny Kaye said...

That's cool, Scott. I will put down in abbreviated form my reasoning.

She believes she has the right to say to a company, "You made too much profit! I'm going to take some of that and give it to someone else."

She believes that she can tell an individual, "I don't care how little you made. You made "SOMETHING" and therefore I am going to take some of that "something" and give it to someone else who hasn't worked for it."

In essence, she believes that the government has the brains (yeah right) and even the authority, to redistribute other people's income to those that the government feels should have it.

She has confirmed these beliefs on many occasions. I disagree with her stance on these things. We've fought wars to do away with such nonsense. We've lost lives to protect capitalism. Those that believe the government should now take on that Socialist mindset are no longer trying to promote capitalism. They are trying to promote Socialism and Communism.

Now, let me say this: at the core of my being I AM A SOCIALIST! I believe that Socialism would work, but only if one condition existed, that being that EVERY HUMAN acted like Jesus ALL THE TIME. The Socialist theory is just fine. It is our sinful natures that keep Socialism from working. That being the case, Capitalism is the next best thing.

I have lots more to say about the topic. But this is the abbreviated version of why I make such a strong statement about Hillary.

laymond said...

Danny, I am glad you brought up that old socialist/communist Jesus Christ because he was one who promoted sharing God's riches with your less fortunate brother, and if I am not wrong God did set up governments for the good of all, not just the fortunate ones. As you said if we were to follow Jesus there would be no need for the government to step in. but that will never happen, so we need a person like Mrs Clinton who does care for the poor and sick of the world, not just their own segment of the population. I could start naming names but won't.
If she were to exempt herself and her husband, then I would question her motives, but I have heard both stand up and say they would gladly forgo their tax cuts in order to help others. In my opinion we need more people like that.

Danny Kaye said...


I hear what you are saying. But think about what "forgoing their tax cuts" means to someone like her, vs. what it means to someone who makes a tiny fraction of what they make. Such statements from them are trivial because it would not hurt them one little bit. They will still have plenty of $$$. I, however, would not. For them, it is a matter of not purchasing a newer yatch or something, whereas I may not be able to afford to get my kids a decent pair of shoes! No. You cannot compare the two.

I believe I am FAR more capable of redistributing my $$$ in order to meet legitimate needs. So far, the Socialists (and there are plenty of them in gevernment already) have not shown me that they can redistribute MY money in a worthy manner. Therefore, I would like to give the money I make to those I KNOW need it. And I do just that.

laymond said...

Danny K if you are one of those who make 200 grand + then you might be worried, and lucky and blessed far more than 90% of us. those are the people the demos. are considering recalling the Bush tax cuts on, so they can offer those who need the help giving their kids the education and health care they need and deserve. An educated and healthy population is by far the best thing that can happen to this country. even solve most of the crime in the country, except of course the white collar stuff, if we could come up with a pill for self centered greed we could solve many of our problems. Who will rebuild the roads and bridges that are falling apart if no one pays taxes. I guess we could go back to the horse and buggy days, but there was not much need for computer programmers back then. think it through when you pay those taxes.

preacherman said...

Funny post.
:-) I needed a good laugh today.
When she is elected I don't think anything will happen. God won't come back. But, go ahead and see what will happen anyway! Just for fun if you want.

Danny Kaye said...

OOPS! I only hit "preview" and forgot to post the comment. Lost all of it. Oh goes again with what I remember of it.

Laymond, you mistake me. I am not against paying taxes at all. As a matter of fact, I believe that it is a necessary part of any nation's success. They should be paid by all citizens. Oh, I may disagree with how much the gov't is taking and the purposes for which they are used. But taxes should be paid, nonetheless.

My beef is not with the Bush tax cut revocation. Though I disagree with the revocation, doing so will not have any impact on those of us in other income brackets. We'll never see a dime of whatever the gov't takes in. Nor will we realize any possitive impact in our communities.

I believe she is calculating, not compassionate. I would test her compassion in this way: In my area of the country I fit right about at the poverty level. (I'm not complaining. God has brought me further than I ever should have been brought in my life. I am grateful for what I have and thank God every day.) Yet, I would wager a guess that if you look at the percentages of income, I give a higher percentage out of my poverty to charities and the needy than Hillary does out of her wealth. But that's just a guess.

The fact remains that she believes she has the right to forbid a company from making too much profit. That is not Capitaliism. THAT IS SOCIALISM! There are laws against gouging and other legal infractions which keep companies "in check" for the most part.

The fact is that she believes she and the rest of gov't is better equipped than I am when it comes to discerning real needs in my community and passing my funds along to those needs. She believes she has the right to take my money and give it to those able-bodies people who have not worked for it. She believes she has the right to take my money and use it to support things that I am dead set against.

I don't trust her.

I don't agree with her.

So I don't vote for her.

No. My disagreements with Hillary go far beyond one policy. The fact is that she does not represent me...plain and simple.

Listen, I know I'm not going to change minds here. I'm simply stating my position. But just keep one thing in mind....

laymond said...

Just one more question DK. does George Bush represent you, and your family and do you like the way he spends your tax money?

byevad said...

Wow... um, Milly, I think you touched off a firestorm!

I'm going to vote for Snoopy this year... oh, wait, it's NEXT year... all this political campaining stuff has started WAY too early and too many states are jockeying to be the battleground by moving up their primaries.

I still haven't decided who I'm really going to vote for. We'll see when the dust settles a bit more...

Salguod, I got "wwjrz" -- I think that means: "Why would Jesus ride zebras?"

Danny Kaye said...

"does George Bush represent you, and your family and do you like the way he spends your tax money?"

Good and fair question, Laymond.

In a The President has seriously disappointed me politically over the last 4 years and, though I like him as a person, I am not going to be sad when he leaves office.

laymond said...

Danny in order to like some one as a person, you need to know him personally and I don't mean meet him once. I have known George Bush from his Midland Texas days. when I lived in Monahans 50 miles apart. I did not know him personally but I have met him. he was running for state rep. (I believe) and was not very well accepted in his own town. Kent Hance beat him handily. I heard many things about Mr. Bush then that most folks did not like about him and his lifestyle. I didn't like him then and I don't like him now. I don't know what your personal experence with Mr. Bush is that makes you like him personaly, but that is not my business. I like what I know about you, but I don't know you. So how could I say I like "Old Danny" as a person I can't.

Scott Roche said...

Thanks Danny. You clarified your stance and it makes good sense. Much appreciated. Too often I hear that and the person's just repeating what they've heard.

Danny Kaye said...

I admit that I have never met Mr. Bush. So I guess that puts you one up on me, Laymond. ;-)

I will simply say that he SEEMS like a likable guy.

But that wasn't the crux of my comment. You asked if he represented my and my family. The answer is no, he does not.

Danny Kaye said...

No problem, Scott. It was a fair question.

(Though I must admit, I have been guilty of just repeating other's words before. But don't tell anyone, 'k?)

harland said...

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