Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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I want to point out that if Codepoke can break rules then so can Milly.

Food: I’m not that picky. I usually find something I like and that’s all I want for a while. Grapenuts with soy milk is the latest. Today I added a banana but tomorrow’s lunch will be with strawberries. I was hooked on the brick oven pizza for a while but now have moved on. I love a good steak once in a while. Living at the end of restaurant street means that you can feed your obsessions very well. I make myself stay away from temptation. I love the Okie home cooking fried okra, summer squash, and so on.

Family: Several years ago I purchased a piece of land not very far from my parents. We sold it due to some flood issues and don’t regretted it. Too much family in one small town, I now have two aunts with uncles and three cousins with spouses and children living within walking distance of that land. I love having privacy. My sister lives in the city next to my city and my brother lives in The City with his wife and child. Family was an important part of growing up in my household. My cousin Kevin was like a brother to me and we are still very close. My dad’s job blessed us with two extra members that aren’t related to us. Don’t tell the big guy because he thinks differently. Friends became like family to my parents. Every event blessed us with love and laughter. We may not agree on every issue but we love with all of our hearts. As for our past family history very little is know about some my Native American past is hidden, I’ve traced the German side a bit, and the English stands proud. I love that my children are true Americans they have German, Italian, Slovak, Native American, English, and several other things I’m sure. I have two kids and one husband as you know.

Exercise: I use to run five miles a day. That hasn’t happened in a while. I walk when I have the time. Ok take the time. I love to put music on and dance, I have no rhythm so aerobics is out. I love yoga. I worry that my knee is going to blow on me so the pavement pounding is going to happen rather slowly.

Profession: My first job was in a truck stop. I’ve done a few different things in my life I worked for a puppeteer, autistic children, cut meat, landscaping, Golden Corral assistant manager in training, bakery trainer, Fuddrucker’s, had my own cleaning business and my husband and I had a home improvement business. Every where that I work I attempt to learn more then is required. I want to learn how to do it, take it apart, and fix it. I now work at home improvement store. Where I can help you take it apart and fix it. ;-}

Obsession: I don’t know that I’m completely obsessed with anything at this moment. Is that lazy?

Faith: The first church I attended from birth was a CoC then in middle school we moved and that stopped. I then went to a Christian church sporadically in Jr high, high school, and college. While in college I visited a friends church it was very different from my back ground they talked in tongues, the only thing I understood was and I will say that I heard it clearly was this "Not this church it isn’t for you" After college I met a man who was a CoC things pulled us apart and I moved away. When I moved to Miami I longed for a church but didn’t make an effort to seek one out. Then I moved back to Tulsa and found the church that I now attend. I’m married to a man that was raised Catholic and now is a member of the same CoC I attend. I will say that I’m not hooked on all of what the CoC offers in belief but I love that place and those people. If we ever leave we will most likely leave the CoC. As for faith it’s what we have in us for God.

Ailments: Old age! I have low good cholesterol. I’m anemic. Arthritis, not sure what kind. I’m allergic to the sun, lamb, dairy, and mold. I also need new glasses seems the old one are getting weaker.

Games: This could be a family obsession next to politics. I love card games and board games anything that I can play with friends and family. You’ll only see me get competitive during a game of cards like rook. I play chess once in a while and my son wins. Trivial Pursuit is a huge thing with us.

(I'll have to pick who I'm tagging later I need to go to bed)


Kansas Bob said...

I really liked this Milly:

"I’m not hooked on all of what the CoC offers in belief but I love that pace and those people."

Thanks for a peek into your world.


codepoke said...

> Ailments: Old age!

Hahaha. I forgot to mention the obvious one. :-)

Good job. Lots of cool stuff.

Missy said...

Now I know more about ya, and I still like ya!

karen said...

that was cool....i know you better!

Maripat said...

Milly - I have the same problem with my glasses! I never knew before that glasses could actually get weaker!

Milly said...

I'm glad you're here.

pearlie said...

Love the post! Now I know you better :)

Too much family in one small town
Haha ... i know what you mean :)

harland said...

this was Cool