Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nick Names

For some reason I’ve always had nick names and such. My family and my friends settle on a name and there it is. I don’t mind because it means that they are comfortable with me enough to call me what they like.

Tonight I was called "The mom of the front end" by one of my bosses, she’s young enough to me my kid. (Front end is the front of the store.) I replied "I’ll not claiming all of ya’ll" I do think it’s an ok title to have. A couple of the gals call me Miss Milly and several of the new girls know me as something different. I abbreviated my name so that it’s easier for me to write in a hurry on receipts so that’s what they call me.

Two of my uncles gave me nick names that I won’t share here. My brother calls me by an odd form of my name, my sister -in-law was worried that it was real and not sure she wanted her little girl to have that name. I’ll bet you breathed a sigh of relief when you found out he was just using a nick name.

Danny Kaye gave me Mil-Gurl I cherish that one.

My mom called me by three different names depending on her mood. At times she listed off my brother’s name then my sister’s name and lastly mine. Then we knew we were in for it. Gee! What did my brother do this time?

My daughter has several nick names and her name is abbreviated in several different ways. She loves it. I even sing a little song using one she always joins in. My son had me drop his nick name years ago, too old I suppose. We do abbreviate his name once in a while.

Do you have any of nick names?


All Blog Spots said...

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Missy said...

Growing up, Melissa was a popular name thanks to the Allman Bros. My classrooms usually had a couple Melissa's, Michelle's and Michael's, poor teachers! So I got a new nickname every year. I love nicknames. I put more thought into my kid's nicknames than their real names. Maybe I'm weird, but nicknames make me feel cherished - even the "Pickles" or "Piglet" used making fun of my maiden name!

Kansas Bob said...

Growing up (and whenever I visit my relatives in NY/NJ) I was called Bobby ... okay until I returned home from the Army.

I was tagged 'Egghead' and 'Eggy' after I got buzzed at the barbers - guess my head looked like an egg ... HATED that one ... stuck for years in Junior High.

In the early 80s I was tagged with 'Eddy' by a co-worker ... hated that one too.

Parents should take note of name-spins when they name their babies.

I guess, for know - if you need a nickname you can call me KB :)

byevad said...

Nicknames... Nicknames...

Yep, I've got a few.

A brother of a friend brought me through this progression:
Dab (my initials)
Dabid (my initials with a play on my name)
Dabs (back to his original)
Dahbs (as in a snooty pronunciation of Dabs, as in "Dahbs, fetch me a sandwich)

Through high school, I was known as Brou (pronounced "brew") a play on words using the first 4 letters of my last name and a favorite pasttime back then.

I had one friend call me "Bruised-so" which is a play on my last name (and probably my geekiness).

I have got a PLETHORA of nicknames for my girls. We have fun recounting them all sometimes.

KB, there were many name combinations that I discarded for my girls specifically because of some of the nicknames that could be made up about them. It got to the point that my wife kept saying: "I would never have thought of that. Where do you get such things?"

To which I had to reply: "I was a rotten kid so I know how the mean ones think..." :(

laymond said...

Nope, no nickname no need for it, everybody thought "Laymond" was bad enough.

karen said...

Kiki is one of I like.
In high school, that was a different story. I was taller than EVERYONE except one guy. So, I was the Jolly Green Giant; Moose (ow!--and I was thin?!) Krinklepuffs (play on my maiden name). UGH!
All the guys that called me these things in HS tried to ask me out after high school....they were suddenly taller than I!! LOL!

harland said...

Yes, couple of nicknames
by many relatives