Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I do feel lucky now!

Sunday and Monday night at work were unnerving the majority of the people just couldn't seen to figure out how do anything without my help. I also discovered that I may be allergic to the thing they make us wear. I look nice all broken out in spots. My dog caught a baby bunny. Don’t ask but I took care of it, I hope there is a bunny heaven.

It was cool to get a big old bear hug and several kisses on the top of my head from a nice guy who took the time to enjoy a moment with me. I was given that four leaf clover the next night by a lady who spent some time talking with me before she shopped. Bright spots in my nights. Tonight I worked in a different place after the flipping of the coin to decide who went where, I think we both won. It was slower due to the rain so we were able to talk and enjoy folks a bit more.

I have Wednesday off so I’m going to work rather hard at gathering my family up for dinner despite my husband working at church after he gets off for his real job.
Nope I don’t believe in luck especially if it comes from a clover. That is unless I’m a starving little bunny. Sorry. :-{

I know that at times God must think me a spoiled child as I dwell in my self pity with my gee whiz how stupid is. . . . .and my can you believe they asked me for that?. . . . I sometimes yell at people in traffic. . . and so on and on and on. Meanwhile folks are just trying to get through the day, get home, get out of the mess that they are in.

People are suffering all around this spoiled girl who is thankful for God's forgiveness, the bear hugs, and clover.


rrbj said...

I lucky to and very blessed, but I sure wish ya'll lived close enough so I could borrow your little dog so he could catch me some rabbits? Blessings. Ron.

pearlie said...

self pity ... i am guilty of that too. And i sure need a hug for all that's been going on this week.


harland said...

Take Care