Friday, March 23, 2007

Awarded By Bob

Kansas Bob has given me and many others more deserving then Milly this award.

Familyhood Church, The Milly Times and The Sword's Still Out (along with many other blogs) have caused me to rethink community. I listed these as representatives of bloggers that genuinely care for me and pray for me when I hurt. These bloggers are the reasons that I come back to blogworld every day. -Kansas Bob

Missy, Danny & Byevad, Pearlie, Patchouli, & Japhy


You give a learning Christian wife and mom’s prospective that I can really relate to. Keep showing us Missy.

Danny & byevad,
You make us think and laugh. You give us a place to be silly. We need that.

You are such a special lady. I love the fact that you are so open to how you feel by showing us the beauty in the world with words and pictures.

Your honesty of you life touches us you love for your family and those in need shows how God can use you.

My husband came from a Catholic upbringing he felt that they didn’t teach him to explore who God really is. You have shown me that it’s up to us to get to know God no matter the upbringing.

To all of you THANK YOU this is a community of those who seem to care for one another that’s a real blessing in this blog city, something I never even thought I’d have.
God Bless,

So, the responsibility of these award recipients is to award others with "The Thinking Blogger Award". Be sure that when you award them, you link back to the and include the icon displayed above.

Cool award


japhy said...

Thank you for the award. I'll need to put aside some of my blog-thinking prowess to consider who to pass the award along to.

Have a good weekend.

pearlie said...

Thanks Milly for the award. Kansas Bob is right -- you all are the reasons that I come back to blogworld every day as well.

Penless Thoughts said...

Milly - I linked onto your blog because Pearlie visited mine and said she'd come via you!! Get that. Boy was I surprised to see that you are from Oklahoma!! How how is that for one of the strange things about blogging....someone from Malaysia finds me from somebusy in Oklahoma and here I am in Coweta, Oklahoma. God works in misterious ways. I'll be back to read more of what you've posted.

pearlie said...

Penless, I think you got mixed up between Missy and Milly but I think it does not matter because you made a new friend :)

Laymond said...

Interesting post Milly; when we recommend others It really gives a better insight into ourself. I believe you have made much better choices than our president has in recommending people to represent our government, but that said I do believe they represent what he stands for.
I like you choices much better Milly.

Kansas Bob said...

Great picks Milly ... I could have picked several of those ... but then who would be left for you :)

Missy said...

Milly, sorry for the late acceptance! I had to get dolled up, then I had the limo driver take us through my 'hood for the rep, got taco sauce on my gown and had to stop at the drugstore for one of those bleach pens.

Whew, made it!

Oh, man!! I left my speak in the limo...

Thanks, Milly! I'll wear it with pride.

Milly said...

Welcome penless!
I'm a later tater to say it sorry!

harland said...

Great picks Milly ... I could have picked several of those ... but then who would be left for you :)

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