Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My uncle was what some considered a fanatic . . .

. . . . a religious fanatic. I thought he was one of the most interesting men I had ever met. He worked the mines in Oklahoma as a young man. He once told me, when I was bold enough to ask, that the loss of his arm was a blessing because many lost their lives in those shafts. His face had deep lines, character that seemed to make him even more interesting to me. He seemed interested in everything including me. His eyes lit up when he’d ask me questions as if each answer were to be a wonderful surprise.

He wasn’t a man of diplomas and didn’t get past grade school from what I hear, but he was smart and when ever he had the chance he learned. He spent his time at the colleges reading and listening, I’m sure the he could have easily made it through college. He learned how to make their money work for them and did very well. My Aunt was an educated school teacher. She never seemed to mind that her husband wasn’t holding a degree she saw the man not the paper. He delighted in telling us why my aunt fell in love with him. "Because he made me laugh." They met when he was preaching. How could she not be drawn to him with that kind voice and his interesting look. You could see the love in their eyes for each other when they talked about how the fell in love.

He had the most incredable smile, a smile that let you know that he knew God. I loved to look at him he seemed to draw me into conversation. I wish he were here today to talk to me about how I believe and what he thinks and to see his face when my children talk of God. I know that he would be proud of me for bringing them to our Lord. Something his own son walked away from.
My uncle left this earth after teaching Bible class and enjoying church. He came home sat on the couch while his bride began to make lunch. He called her in and asked her to pray for him because he was going to Heaven and then he did.

A man who came from such a hard life and humble beginnings. . .a man who loved the Lord with everything. . . .a man who showed love for the world. . .is now with God.

I wonder if he’s finished asking questions after all these years?


Patchouli said...

Hey, glad you're back! And I hope no one ever stops asking questions!

rrbj said...

Milly thanks for sharing, it is a blessing for you to have been a part of his life! Those little things that we learned from all the aunts and uncles are valuable to us if we apply them to our lives? Blessings . Ron.

Kansas Bob said...

Milly, You have been given The Thinking Blogger Award(

Kansas Bob said...

I came back and read the story! I love this:

"the loss of his arm was a blessing"

... I think that real faith sees tragedy this way.