Friday, March 16, 2007

Home sweet blog

Have you ever been away from home for a while? The others have stayed behind and continued to move on while you were our doing what you did while you were gone?

I moved away from home under odd circumstances-The men in my life were making me crazy! This one wanted freedom while he traveled the world to perform with Up With People and that one wasn’t sure if he should take his ex-wife back. I packed up and left. This isn’t a story for today so I’ll stop at that.

Today’s is about coming home. It always looks a bit of the same yet different. Life was moving on. It does that silly thing it just keeps going. When I went home to stay after moving for my own place in between moving in with my sister I stayed at what now was just a place I use to live. I hated it, I hadn’t come home a lot, not because it was far but because I had work and a life of my own, and now everything was a bit off. I was in mourning for the loss of friends and the loss of what I had known for those years of being on my own. I have to admit that I make hasty decisions at times like moving out to avoid the boys and in moving in with my sister and some others that are for other stories.

My parents were careful about how they spoke and what they did, they tried not to trigger me into a depression, they’ve seen it and didn’t want to see it again. It took me some time to settle into the new apartment. Actually I didn’t settle until we moved into our second apartment that I began to feel at home. I found friends and relaxed into the notion that I was going to live in Tulsa for a good long time. I had returned home, it had made many changes since grade school but it was home. I now am faced with a new city, ok not now a year ago, to discover. I have yet to embrace it, for one I can see the old city from here. I’m working on it one fast food and city office at a time.

I met a friend for lunch the other afternoon she and I chatted about kids and the old school that we were PTA members of. It was Lucy and Ethel at times with us. I miss our time together. It was great that we could meet and chat but it’s not the same time moves on with or without me.

Yep things have changed in the short time that I was gone from here, thanks for missing me.


Kansas Bob said...


Reading your post reminded me of why so many of us love to read what you write. You have a knack for telling your life stories in a way that each of us can relate to and learn from.

Welcome back Milly he says as the theme to Welcome Back Kotter plays in his head :)

pearlie said...

Good to have you back!
Can't say I really get what you are saying - sorry, it's just me - but I hope you will get things going again, now that you are back.

God bless!

harland said...

good to see you back

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